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Panama Mokkita + Kona Mokka Duo (*Expected roasting date: Nov. 7th)

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Coffee Profile

Continent: Central America/ Pacific

Country: Panama/ USA

Farm: Mama Cata Estate/ Kona Farm Direct

Process: Natural

Region: Boquete, Panama / Holualoa, Kona

Variety: Mokkita/ Mokka

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark

A taste of two incredible award winning coffees. Panama Mokkita Natural from Mama Cata Estate and Kona Mokka Champagne Natural from Kona Farm Direct.

Each duo comes with 1 bag of each coffee, available in 2oz, 4oz, or 12oz bag sizes.

*First expected roasting date is November 7th.
**Packaging may vary

Panama Mokkita Tasting Notes

Incredibly floral and complex aroma; Violet, jasmine, rose. Sweet and fruit saturated  cup with  of papaya, bergamot, strawberry, and raspberry. An effervescent acidity and lush body. The Floral notes linger long after the last sip.

Panama Mokkita Natural

Coffee Review Scored this coffee 97 Points! Their highest score of 2021.

“Blind Assessment: Aromatically other-worldly, resoundingly juicy. Caramelized pineapple, aromatic orchid, pistachio, raw chocolate, oolong tea in aroma and cup. Sweet-savory-tart structure with gently bright acidity; deep, syrupy mouthfeel. Flavor-laden finish with especially impressive fruit and florals”


Background Info

A unique Mokka type variety growing only at Mama Cata estate in Panama.

In 2020 and 2021 their Mokkita Natural was the highest scoring non-geisha variety at the Best of Panama Cupping competition. This year at Auction the Mokkita received the highest price ever paid for a non-geisha variety coffee from anywhere in the world: $400/lb of green coffee! 

 In 2004 after the 'Discovery' of the Geisha/Gesha variety from Hacienda La Esmeralda that won that year's Best of Panama Competition, Jose David Garrido of Mama Cata estate went looking through the trees in his farm for plants that looked unusual and might produce an excellent cup. One plant he found had very small cherries and they called it Mokkita. The following year they had a small sample harvested from this tree cupped by Japanese coffee buyer Mamoru Taguchi. Based on the positive feedback they decided to use the next harvested for seed. The first place they planted the trees didn't take well. Believing this to be a Mokka variety from Yemen, they next decided to try planting in a drier area at 1550-1600m with different soil that might be more similar to the environment there.

In January 2022 we sent samples of this coffee to RD2 in France for genetic testing to get a better idea of it's background. The results suggest it is a hybrid of a Bourbon* type variety  and Geisha.

*Many plants called Mokka are a dwarf hybrid from Bourbon and cannot be distinguished from Bourbon, or other mutants from bourbon such as Caturra, or Laurina. 

Most likely Geisha and a Mokka type plant at Mama Cata crossed at some point in time and resulting in this unique (and delicious) cultivar on their farm.

They now have about 2 hectares (5 acres) of Mokkita planted. Mokkita is a very low yielding plant. Producing less than half the amount of cherry as Geisha and Typica. They harvest the cherries in small batches and dry them slowly over a month on raised screens inside a greenhouse structure.

This year we asked them for their absolute best from the harvest. they harvest only a few hundred lbs of this variety every year and offered their best 15lb to us which we are thrilled to share with you!


Kona Mokka Champagne Natural

In 2010 Miguel was tasked with selecting varieties to plant at a new high elevation field being planted by Hula Daddy Farm in Kona. One of the varieties selected was the Mokka Variety from the Hawaii Agricultural Research Center on Oahu. These trees came from Dr. Medina of Campinas, Brazil. This Mokka is a dwarf mutation of the Red Bourbon variety. Production is low on this variety, but once the trees came of bearing age it was obviously a variety of extraordinary cup quality. 

With seeds from the trees at Hula Daddy Farm, Kraig Lee of Kona Farm Direct began growing Mokka plants in his nursery several years ago. Last year in 2022 these trees produced their first harvest. These cherries were processed using our champagne natural method and submit to the Kona Coffee Festival cupping competition where the coffee took 1st place!

These trees are now a little older and the cup quality is even better. 

A beautifully complex and lush coffee with notes of Plumeria, coconut, strawberry, rose, and grape

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