Roast: light to medium

Want a chance to try the rarest and most exclusive coffees in the world? the best selections from storied origins like Jamaica, Kona, St Helena, and Reunion Island, to lesser known coffees from Taiwan, Madagascar, Galapagos and more. Rare varieties like Geisha, Rume Sudan, Laurina, Coffea Eugenioides. 

Some of these coffees are exclusive to Paradise, and many of the more limited ones will be offered only to those receiving this subscription.

Each shipment will include between 2 -4oz of the featured coffee. (Most shipments will be 4oz)


2020 Coffee Subscription Schedule

January 13th: Brazil Daterra Aramosa (C. Arabica x C. Racemosa) Anaerobic Honey

January 27th: Ecuador Finca Lugmapata Washed 'Mejorado' Variety

February 10th: Jamaica Blue Mountain - Jamaican Coffee Farmers Association

February 24th: Colombia Finca El Vergal Geisha/Java Natural

March 10th: Tanzania Acacia Hills Geisha Peaberry - 1st Place Ngorongoro Auction


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  • Process: Various
  • Variety: Various

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