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Kona Coffee Beans

At Paradise Roasters, we take great care in selecting the finest coffee beans from local farmers. We use a combination of methodology, attention to detail, and extensive taste testing to ensure that our beans are of the highest quality. Our selection represents the best of what Hawaii has to offer in terms of innovation, uniqueness, and consistency. Don't wait any longer, try Paradise Roasters Kona Coffee beans today!

About Kona Coffee Beans

Kona coffee beans offer a unique taste profile that sets them apart from other coffee types. The flavors are typically smoother and more delicate, with a subtle sweetness and a hint of nuttiness. Kona coffee beans are grown exclusively in the Kona region of Hawaii.

One of our most popular varieties is Kona coffee beans, a globally renowned coffee known for its distinct flavor and quality. Kona coffee beans are smooth, with low acidity and a rich body. It is a staple of Hawaiian culture, with a rich history and unique taste that makes it a favorite among coffee lovers. At Paradise Roasters, we believe in honoring the unique characteristics of Kona coffee beans. We work closely with farmers in the Kona region to ensure that every bean is sourced directly from the cherry and green stages and harvested with strict attention to breeding, selection, and extraction processes. We strive to bring out the full potential of these beans by exploring innovative combinations of ingredients like honey, nuts, and chocolate, while always maintaining the perfect balance of flavors.

Whether you're a fan of classic Kona coffee beans or looking for something more adventurous, we're dedicated to delivering the highest quality and most delicious coffee possible. With our rigorous standards for quality and taste, you can trust that your Kona coffee beans from Paradise Roasters will always exceed your expectations.

So why not treat yourself to a bag of our freshly roasted Kona coffee beans today?

Perfection in Progress

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At home in Hawaii, we continually refine our proprietary methods, from harvest to fermentation, to create the future of coffee.


The methods we master at home we teach to our partners abroad, who support the future of coffee.


Through our tightly-controlled Hawaii-based production facility, we are able to bring the future of coffee to you wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about Kona coffee beans?

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Kona coffee beans stands out due to its unique terroir. The volcanic soil of Hawaii, combined with its climate, yields beans with a smooth, rich flavor, and low acidity. Each sip delivers hints of buttery caramel, nuts, and chocolate, making it a coffee connoisseur's delight.

Why are Kona coffee beans so expensive?

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Kona coffee beans prices reflect its premium quality and limited production. Grown exclusively in a specific region of Hawaii, its cultivation demands meticulous care. Couple that with labor costs in the U.S., and a meticulous hand-picking process, it's a brew that justifies its price tag.

Are Kona coffee beans stronger than regular coffee beans?

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Kona coffee beans aren't necessarily stronger in caffeine content than regular coffee beans. Its strength lies in its rich flavor profile and smoothness. Grown on the slopes of Mauna Loa in Hawaii, Kona coffee beans benefit from unique soil and climatic conditions, giving them a distinctive taste.

How can I tell if my Kona coffee beans are genuine?

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To ensure genuine Kona coffee beans, look for its origin details. Paradise Coffee Roasters' Kona is sourced from the renowned Aloha Star farm in South Kona, Big Island of Hawai'i. Authentic Kona should showcase the soft and sweet profile Kona is celebrated for, much like our 2023 Kona Classic Medium, which scored an impressive 94 points by Coffee Review.

What are the best roasts for Kona coffee beans?

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The best roast for Kona coffee beans emphasizes its unique tasting notes. Our Kona Classic Medium, a blend of Washed and Honey Typica from Aloha Star farm, brings out soft and sweet notes of toasted coconut and hazelnut, with hints of citrus. This interpretation of Classic Kona exudes a harmonious balance and deep richness, making it a favorite among coffee aficionados.

How should I brew Kona coffee beans to get the best flavor?

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To best capture Kona coffee bean's exceptional flavor, start with fresh beans from trusted producers like Paradise Coffee Roasters. Grind just before brewing. Use clean water at a temperature of 195-205°F. For our Kona Classic Medium, aim to highlight the toasted coconut, hazelnut, and citrus notes. Brewing methods like pour-over or French press enhance Kona's intricate flavors and vibrant acidity.

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