Our coffees include rare varietals and micro-lots, espressos, organics, and year-round blends. They bear the fruit of generations of farmers doing what they love: working with the land.

Hawaii is a special island. Many climates exist on the this small remote island, and many cup profiles are possible from it's various regions and varieties. 

We source cherry from farms around the island and they are processed exclusively for us with processing methods developed by our founder -Miguel Meza

From hundreds of trials we have developed processes tailored to optimize each coffee we work with utilizing selected yeast strains and a controlled fermentation environment. 

The results are unique coffees for you of unparalleled quality. Our exclusive island coffees are among the highest rated coffees in Hawaii, and the world

Kilauea Volcano Yeast Fermentation Washed 96 points September 2020

Kilauea Volcano Champagne Natural - 95 points August 2020

Kona Red Bourbon Anaerobic Washed - 95 points November 2020

Puna Anaerobic washed -94 points October 2020

Kona Pink Honey -94 Points September 2020