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Tasting Notes

Rounded and sweet. Toasted nuts and milk chocolate with just a hint of citrus. Exceptionally smooth and creamy int the finish.

Background Info

A variation on washed processing, this batch was pulped cherries fermented in a sealed container Anaerobically (without oxygen) inoculate with Lactic acid producing microbes.

Lactic acid is the acid found in milk and yogurt. In addition to its contribution to the acidity of the coffee it also gives it a more creamy feeling mouthfeel. 

Despite being very early harvest coffee from very low elevation-800-1000ft, processed this way the coffee has impressive acidity and flavor.




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  • Continent: Pacific
  • Country: USA
  • Farm: Mixed
  • Process: Lactic Washed
  • Region: Kona, Big Island of Hawaii
  • Variety: Typica

Roast Scale

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