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Colombia Granja Paraíso-92 Castillo

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Coffee Profile

Continent: South America

Country: Colombia

Farm: Wilton Benitez / Granja Paraíso-92

Process: Double Anaerobic Washed w/ Thermal Shock

Region: Cauca

Variety: Castillo

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark

Tasting Notes 

Aromas of lychee, peach, and osmanthus blossoms. A creamy mouthfeel in the cup with flavors of milk tea and strawberry yogurt with a caramel-like sweetness that fades to peach tea as the cup cools.

This coffee also makes for a excellent Light roast espresso. We recommend 19g coffee to 45-50mL of 201F water with 30 seconds extraction time as a starting point.

Background Info

Granja Paraíso-92 is a family farm that produces different varieties such as Java, Pink Bourbon, Geisha, Pacamara, Caturra, Tabi, Castillo, Mara-Geisha and Colombia using highly innovative cultivation systems such as terraces, drip irrigation, shady and nutrition calculations in laboratory all aimed at producing a unique coffee that can be verified through the multiple awards obtained. Finca Paraiso-92 also has its own microbiology laboratory, quality laboratory and processing plant. Coffee processing here is quite unlike almost anywhere else in the world. Resembling a laboratory more than the typical coffee mill.

This lot is made from their Castillo variety. 

The cherries are first sterilized and then undergo fermentation in cherries in a bio-reactor and are inoculated with Saccromyces Pastorianus yeast. After cherry fermentation then the coffee is pulped and subjected to a second fermentation phase. When the second phase ends, a bean sealing process is carried out through impacts of hot and cold water and then put into a drying machine for 46 hours at 38C (100F)

Beyond just the amazing flavors this is a very full, sweet, creamy cup and clearly of excellent quality beyond just however the flavors were achieved, a coffee we are sure you will enjoy immensely. 

Coffee Beans Drying

Freshly Roasted to Order

Colombia Granja Paraíso-92 Castillo will be roasted to order & shipped fresh. All shipping is USPS.

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