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Background Info

Gonzalo Hernandez likes to brag that he’s amassed the world’s largest private collection of coffees trees: more than two hundred species, botanical varieties, mutations and cultivars that grow on his exotic Costa Rican “coffee garden”, Coffea Diversa. His collection includes some of the rarest in the world -- coffees many have neither heard of nor tasted.

Of each variety Gonzalo has only a few trees, and his coffees are sold in small 10 kilogram bags to knowledgeable roasters and friends around the world, first come, first serve. We first visited Coffea diversa and met Gonzalo 10 years ago, and we’ve been looking forward to sharing these ever since.

Of his collection, the first coffee we are featuring this year is a different species of Coffee: Coffea Liberica var. Deweverei.

Liberica is a giant species of coffea native to warm areas of central Africa. It can grow to 50ft tall and usually requires ladders to harvest. before the discovery of the Robusta (Coffea canephora) species it was widely planted in south east Asia as a rust resistant alternative to Arabica. It is still commercially grown in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines for domestic consumption and is used in some Arabica producing regions as rootstock for its resistance to root knot nematodes in the soil.

Carbonic maceration is a method adapted from the wine industry that involves putting the whole fruit in a sealed container which is then flushed with CO2 gas. and allowed to ferment for several days. This tends to amplify acidity and fruit flavors. To our knowledge this is the first time this method has been applied to the Liberica species.


Flavor wise expect something totally different than Arabica or Liberica. Like the Coffea Eugenioides coffee from Ecuador we featured in December 2019, Liberica has a high level of sweetness that is reminescant of artificial sweeteners. herbal and spicy tastes uncommon in arabica mix with  lots of stewed fruit flavors. Think mulled-wine, cooked pineapple and plum, blueberry, sage, dried rose, cardamom. sure to be a unique tasting experience!

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  • Continent: Central America
  • Country: Costa Rica
  • Farm: Coffea Diversa
  • Process: Carbonic Maceration Natural
  • Region: Biollet
  • Variety: Coffea Liberica Var. Deweverei

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