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Specialty Coffee

Explore the narratives and nuances that define the world of specialty coffee.

Experience the pinnacle of coffee craftsmanship with specialty coffee. Unlock unparalleled flavors and aromas sourced from the best specialty coffee beans globally. Journey with Paradise Roasters into a realm of coffee excellence you've yet to explore.

What is Specialty Coffee?

Specialty coffee represents the pinnacle of coffee excellence, characterized by high-quality beans that score above 80 points on a 100-point scale as per the Specialty Coffee Association's grading system​1​​. These beans are meticulously grown in unique micro-climates, predominantly at high altitudes, ensuring a superior taste and aroma. The journey of specialty coffee is a narrative of precision from the farmer to your cup, with every stage—breeding, selection, and brewing—adhering to stringent quality standards​​.

Specialty Coffee Flavor Profiles

The allure of specialty coffee lies in its diverse flavor profiles, a testimony to the unique terroirs where the coffee beans are nurtured. Delight in a spectrum of flavors ranging from fruity, floral notes to rich, chocolatey undertones, each sip offering a narrative of its origin. The meticulous roasting and brewing processes further enhance these natural flavors, offering a coffee experience that's as rich and varied as the regions they hail from​.

Specialty Coffee Roasts

The roasting process of specialty coffee is a meticulous art, aiming to accentuate the coffee beans' inherent flavors. Light roasts like the Cinnamon Roast are celebrated for their ability to showcase the coffee's delicate flavors and the vibrant acidity. Medium roasts provide a balanced flavor palette, often used in tastings to evaluate the coffee's quality. Medium-dark roasts venture into a realm of rich, bold flavors characterized by an intense brown hue and chocolatey notes, offering a robust coffee experience.

How to Brew Specialty Coffee?

The essence of specialty coffee is best unveiled through meticulous brewing.

Start with grinding your coffee beans to a consistency that complements your brewing method. The pour-over method, exemplified by the V60 by Hario, is a revered technique that allows the subtle flavors of specialty coffee to shine. Water temperature is pivotal, with 200°F (93°C) being the sweet spot. Don't rush the brewing; embrace techniques like blooming to allow the coffee grounds to release gases, enriching the flavor in every cup.

Specialty Coffee FAQ

What is specialty coffee?

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Specialty coffee refers to high-quality coffee beans that are sourced from specific microclimates, carefully cultivated, harvested, and processed to bring out unique flavors and characteristics. It emphasizes quality, sustainability, and traceability throughout the entire coffee supply chain.

What is considered specialty coffee?

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Specialty coffee refers to high-quality beans sourced from specific microclimates, meticulously processed and roasted to preserve unique flavors and aromas. It embodies excellence from farm to cup.

What is the difference between coffee and specialty coffee?

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Unlike regular coffee, specialty coffee focuses on bean quality, sustainable farming, and unique flavors, ensuring a premium, nuanced coffee experience that transcends the ordinary.

Why should you drink specialty coffee?

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Choosing specialty coffee promotes sustainable practices, supports small-scale farmers, and offers a richer, more diverse flavor profile for a unique and delightful coffee experience.

Why is specialty coffee expensive?

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Specialty coffee involves meticulous cultivation, ethical sourcing, and artisanal roasting. These quality-focused, sustainable practices justify the premium price for an extraordinary cup.

Is specialty coffee worth it?

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Absolutely! Specialty coffee provides a superior, nuanced taste experience, supports ethical and sustainable industry practices, and celebrates the craft and artistry of coffee production.

Where can I buy specialty coffee?

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For those seeking a refined coffee experience, Paradise Roasters offers specialty coffee, capturing its unique flavors and characteristics.

When will my order be roasted and shipped?

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We roast for Online orders Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Unless the coffee lists a special roast date, your retail order will be roasted the next Monday, Wednesday, or Friday following your order. Orders placed before 11:00AM CST on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday will be roasted the same day as ordered. Coffees will be shipped within 2 days of roasting

Does Paradise Roasters ship International?

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Yes, we ship worldwide. If you have trouble placing an international order, send an email to and we will create a custom invoice for you. We work with several shipping carriers and seek the most cost effective shipping options for our customers.

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