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Miguel Meza

Founder, Director of Coffee Quality

Miguel began his love affair with coffee more than 20 years ago at the age of 13. In 2002, along with his family, he founded Paradise Coffee Roasters. Since 2008, he has been living in Hawaii working with coffee at the farm level to better understand coffee quality and uses this experience to help growers around the world improve their coffee. In addition to coffee he is a lover of all food and drink, with a particular fondness of Japanese whiskys,  sashimi, and all manner of noodle dishes. When he isn't working with coffee he can often be found hiking the endless trails of Volcanoes National Park with his family.


Sam LeTendre

Lead Roaster

Samantha first took an interest in specialty coffee while living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She started working at a coffee shop in the Milwaukee Art Museum run by a local coffee roaster. As a barista, she learned a lot about the skill and care that goes into preparing coffee. That is what drove her love for the specialty coffee culture. She moved to Minneapolis in 2013 and went on to manage a local coffee shop for two years. In 2015 Samantha joined the Paradise Roasters team. In addition to Samantha’s passion for coffee, she is a runner, cyclist, and artist.

Brianna Chies

Production Assistant

Back in 2004, Bree’s love for specialty coffee began as a barista at River Rock Coffee in St. Peter, MN.  This sparked an eight and a half year career working in the coffee industry as a barista with the latter half of that time also spent as a part-time roaster. While she took a hiatus from the coffee industry for a bit, she never gave up her passion for coffee and was delighted to jump in again as part of the Paradise team in the fall of 2016.

Bree is also a visual artist and a part-time usher at the Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis. She spends her free time reading, watching movies, dancing, traveling, and agonizing over Minnesota professional sports teams.

Tricia started working in coffee in 2013 as a barista in Minneapolis. She began roasting at this time and worked at the same shop until 2015. After a few years of working in a different field, she began to dip her toes into roasting again and she happily joined Paradise Coffee in early 2019. While not at work, she can be found making art, baking, shooting rolls of film, or taking a nap with her cat.