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Honduras Yellow Pacas -Finca Cerro Azul

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Coffee Profile

Continent: Central America

Country: Honduras

Farm: Finca Cerro Azul

Process: Washed

Region: Siguatepeque

Variety: Yellow Pacas

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark




Aromas of Mango, Molasses, and Tangerine. A lively acidity and silky mouthfeel. Dried Mango and lemon continue in the cup where they mingle with flavors of caramel, and baking spices. 



Yellow Pacas is a selection from the Yellow Pacamara variety. Pacamara is a large bean hybrid variety created in El Salvador from the short high yielding 'Pacas' variety and the Giant typically mutation 'Maragogype'. Known for excellent cup quality it often wins cupping competitions across Central America. But this variety always produced red fruit.

The Mierisch Family had planted a field of the Pacamara variety at their Limoncillo farm a couple decades ago. in 2004 a worker noticed 3 trees in the farm that were yellow when ripe, not red like the others. They collected seeds from these trees and began building a nursery of them and first planted this variety at the Limoncillo farm and then later other farms owned by the family. The cup quality is exceptional. Very high acidity and heavy mouthfeel. leaning more towards yellow fruits in its cup profile. Peach, Lemon, grapefruit, and in natural processed versions flavors of tart cherry. 

Being a hybrid sometimes some of the plants will regress to their parent types. Yellow Pacas are trees separated at the nursery stage that do not show the Large bean and leaves of the Pacamara variety, but the smaller size of the Pacas variety, albeit still with yellow fruits. 

This variety is currently limited to a handful of farms owned by Fincas Mierisch and is produced in very small quantities. Yellow Pacas carries many similar traits in the cup as Yellow Pacamara. A bright and complex cup, but a bit more restrained and delicate than it's boisterous, Big beaned cousin.


The Mierisch Family has operated farms in Nicaragua for generations, planting their first coffee farm in 1908. Several years ago while judging the Cup of Excellence competition in neighboring Honduras, They were very impressed by the quality of the coffees and the altitudes available to growers here. They decided to purchase some land at high elevation and plant a selection of their best varieties from their farms in Nicaragua. Geisha/Gesha Variety from their Santa Lucia farm has been the 1st place coffee in Cup of Excellenas Honduras the past 2 years.

Finca Cerro Azul is planted in 96 hectares of coffee at 1600-1700m in the municipality of Siguatepeque. In addition to Yellow Pacas, the also grow Red Catuai, Yellow Pacamara, Orange Bourbon, Java, and Ethiosar at this farm. Coffees are harvested from February to June and processed as fully washed coffees. Coffee are fermented dry fermented for 40-48 hours, then washed and dried for 2 days on patios. Drying is completed on screens in a greenhouse located at their nearby Santa Lucia Farm. 

Coffee Beans Drying

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