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The Bourbon variety was brought to Vietnam by French missionaries to Vietnam more than 100 years ago. It used to constitute a large amount of the arabica production, but is quite rare to find these days.

Hadjim Krajan produces beautiful bourbon coffees for the Langbiang Cooperative. While most growers in the area have replaced  traditional varieties with higher yielding hybrid varieties in recent years, Hadjim still maintains a large amount of bourbon and typical in his 5 acre field.  He also processed bourbon varieties from other growers in the Dasar region. which is on the opposite side of Langbiang mountain from the neighboring Langbiang region. We first tasted Hadjims bourbon last year while visiting his farm. if was a lovely coffee. very elegant and balanced. Unfortunately our shipment of coffee was already on the way to the USA by this time, so we couldn't offer his coffee last year. This year we purchased Hadjims entire Red Bourbon Production : A scant 300lb.


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