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Colombia Pink Bourbon Natural -Huila Magico 5th Place

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Coffee Profile

Continent: South America

Country: Colombia

Farm: Finca El Corozal

Process: Natural

Region: Huila, Colombia

Variety: Colombian Pink Bourbon

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark


Tasting Notes

Complex aromatics that suggests  jasmine, ginger, and raspberry. The cup showcases a vibrant acidity and a lush mouthfeel with flavors of strawberry jam and pink lemonade. The fruit notes linger along with delicate floral notes that gently fade after the last sip.

Background Info

Every year we look forward tasting the Pink Bourbon* variety coffees from Colombia. This variety which was discovered at a farm in Huila several years ago and found to have exceptional cup quality has now been planted at several farms in the area and consistently produces some of the most striking coffees we have tasted from Colombia. Still confined mostly within the Huila, Region of Colombia it is quite a bit rarer than varieties such as Geisha and Pacamara.

Until now all of the Pink Bourbon coffees we have offered have been washed processed. We have looked at samples of Natural Pink bourbons in the past but always found the processing flavors overpowering to the delicate floral aromas the Pink Bourbon variety is prized for. Finally we have found one that marries the fruit forward full bodied nature of natural processing while still allowing this variety to showcase its complexity.

In 2021 exporter Coffee Quest and their partners began a cupping competition for the growers of Huila. We began purchasing the top ranked coffees from the competition that year. This year we purchased the 5th place ranked coffee. The stunning Natural Pink Bourbon from Finca Corozal.

About Finca Corozal 

Named after a palm tree found in Colombia, Finca El Corozal is located in Garzón, Huila, Colombia, owned by 7 brothers and has Delfin Carvajal as the leader and face of the family. His brother Euclides lives at the farm and is responsible for the great natural they started producing last year. You can describe this farm as an all-hands-on-deck family-run operation and each member of the family oversees a different aspect of the business (much like a company is run!). Coffee Production is not new for this family. Delfin and his family are 4th generation producers, really focused on generational hand-off and the ever-improvement of inside processes. The farm is Rainforest Certified since 2018 but has been implementing for the past 10 years environmentally friendly practices, highlighting El Corozal’s conviction for the environment and the families who contribute to the farm’s production. 

Sitting at an elevation of 1,500 – 1,650 masl, they grow Colombia, Caturra, Pink Bourbon and Castillo varieties and their micro-climate really benefits their Natural Process lots.

They start by handpicking each cherry, floating them, and removing any underripe or overripe cherries. Cherries are then left in open tanks overnight, dried for several days in a greenhouse and then finished in a mechanical drier. They have really mastered the art of Naturals and placed 5th in the Huila Magico cupping competition with a natural processed batch from the first harvests of their young Pink Bourbon Trees.

About Colombian Pink Bourbon

*While called pink bourbon this variety is not related to the bourbon family of varieties found in other countries, Which is why we are specifying this variety as 'Colombian Pink Bourbon'. Coffee farmers have a tendency to call any trees they find with pink/orange fruit 'Pink Bourbon' as this is the only cultivated variety well known that has this color. However any time red and yellow fruited varieties are in the same field together it is possible for them to cross and some of the offspring will be of intermediate color. Which is most likely the source of this variety. Genetic testing of the plants does not show it to be related to Bourbon at all but near to some Ethiopian coffees!

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