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CAFEC Abaca Cup 4 Cone Paper Filter | V60 02 | AC4-100W

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We use these filters with Caféc Flower Drippers in our Hilo, Hawaii shop. Excellent for all light roast coffees. Fits most Cone style drippers. 

Filter paper made of REFINED PULP (White version):
The more commonly seen brewer filters are refined to remove the brown color. It keeps the original flavor of the coffee grounds and makes a very robust pour-over drip coffee. NO USED PULP, DYES, OR CHEMICALS ARE EVER USED IN THESE PAPER FILTERS. Completely biodegradable.


QUALITY: Each pack contains 100-count of the finest disposable cone-shaped coffee filters ever made. Made in Japan by the originators of the cone-shaped coffee maker, Sanyo Sangyo has developed the perfect amount of tiny crinkles - on BOTH sides of the paper - which produces the smoothest, sediment-free coffee - and allows water to get through the dripper much faster than conventional filter paper - so you could enjoy your coffee hotter and sooner!


UNIVERSAL CONE SHAPE: Designed in conjunction with our very own porcelain flower-shaped coffee drippers, which come in 5 amazing colors - and ALSO fit all V60 02-style cone-shaped coffee drippers: Hario, Chemex, etc. This filter creates the perfect layer of ground coffee so that water spreads throughout all the grounds - which is the key to creating a perfect cup of coffee with a smooth body.


ECO- AND TREE-FRIENDLY ORGANIC ABACA PAPER: This environmentally "green" product is made of the Manila Hemp known as ABACA. One of ABACA's many advantages is that while it has the strength of wood, it is also extremely liquid-permeable and supple. Packed in Oita, Japan. Only filters that pass close quality inspection are shipped out. FSC Certified: The FSC certificate shows that the banana-tree fiber to make the paper is only sourced from well-managed, eco-friendly forests

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Freshly Roasted to Order

CAFEC Abaca Cup 4 Cone Paper Filter | V60 02 | AC4-100W will be roasted to order & shipped fresh. All shipping is USPS.

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