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Tasting Notes

Red currant, plumeria, peach and tropical fruit; Pinot, almond, and frankincense, with a hint of floral grapefruit. An aromatic and powerful cup reminiscent of Kenyan coffee. 

Background Info

The island we have our next very limited offering coming from is St Helena. A remote island in between Africa and Brazil that has a long history of growing coffee. In 1733 coffee green tipped coffee (believed to be bourbon variety) was imported directly from Yemen to St Helena by the British East India company. After his defeat, Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to this island in 1815 where he lived until his death in 1821. While there he famously stated “the only thing good about St. Helena is the coffee” in the ensuing decades and centuries it has consistently been one of the most expensive and renowned coffees in the world. Owing to the islands small population of less than 5000 people and remoteness (until an airport opened just 2 years ago the only way to reach the island was a 5 day boat ride from South Africa) production and distribution has always been minuscule. This year less than 2 tons were produced by the island two farms.

We are featuring the Peaberry from the Bamboo hedge farm. This is the first time Paradise has ever offered a coffee from this island and we are the only roaster in the USA that will have this coffee of which only 415lb were produced. An elegant cup with flavors of citrus and honey. 

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  • Continent: Africa
  • Country: Saint Helena
  • Farm: Bamboo estate
  • Process: Washed
  • Region: Sandy Bay Valley
  • Variety: Bourbon

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