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Background Info

Gonzalo Hernandez likes to brag that he’s amassed the world’s largest private collection of coffees trees: more than two hundred species, botanical varieties, mutations and cultivars that grow on his exotic Costa Rican “coffee garden”, Coffea Diversa. His collection includes some of the rarest in the world -- coffees many have neither heard of nor tasted.

Of each variety Gonzalo has only a few trees, and his coffees are sold in small 10 kilogram bags to knowledgeable roasters and friends around the world, first come, first serve. We first visited Coffea diversa and met Gonzalo 10 years ago, and we’ve been looking forward to sharing these ever since.

Recently Coffea Diversa started a new farm in Suchitan, Guatemala. The first coffee we are featuring from their Guatemala farm this year is the Rume Sudan Variety.

Arabica Coffee is native to Western Ethiopia, and also to the neighboring Boma Plataeu of South-Eastern Sudan. In 1942 Coffee seeds were collected from plants near the town of Rume. In Kenya and Tanzania these plants were found to be resistant to the Coffee Leaf Rust and Coffee Berry Diseases, but low yielding. It was sent with a collection of potentially rust resistant Ethiopian varieties to Costa Rica at the same time as the Geisha variety in 1953. Due to its low yields it hasn't been commercially cultivated until the last decade, But has been used quite a lot in coffee breeding. It is one of the varieties used to develop the Ruiru 11 variety in Kenya and in the more recent H1 CentroAmericano variety now being planted in Central America.

This coffee under went fermentation before the cherries were dried. 24 hours of fermentation underwater in cherry. then the fermentation was interrupted for 24 hours, and then fermented again for a further 24 hours before drying. The results of this process and variety combination is a tropical fruit and tea-like cup. light in mouthfeel but hurting with flavor, not unlike some of the best Panama Geisha Naturals

Tasting notes: Grape juice, Sweet Tea, Passionfruit

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  • Continent: Central America
  • Country: Guatemala
  • Farm: Coffea Diversa
  • Process: Natural, double fermentation
  • Region: Suchitan
  • Variety: Rume Sudan

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