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Kona Geisha Champagne Natural

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Coffee Profile

Continent: Pacific

Country: USA

Farm: Kona Geisha Farm

Process: Yeast Fermented Natural

Region: Kealakekua, Kona, Big Island of Hawaii

Variety: Geisha

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark

First roasting date: December 6th

Tasting Notes

A complex coffee with aromas of rose and tropical fruits. A sweet cup with hints of strawberry jam, passionfruit, and orange candy . Milk chocolate in the finish.

*1st Place 2023 Kona Coffee Cupping Competition*

*1st Place 2022 Hawaii Coffee Association Cupping Competition

*1st Place 2021 Kona Coffee Cupping Competition*

*95 points on Coffee Review* *#15 Coffee of 2021, Coffee Review*


Background Info

 Geisha has been the world's most sought after coffee variety since it rose to fame in 2004 after Hacienda La Esmeralda won the Best of Panama cupping competition with it. Since then it has slowly been planted at farms around the world.

In March, 2015 Doug McKenna imported Geisha seeds to Hawaii from Finca La Milagrosa in Boquete, Panama. in February, 2018 he planted 2000 trees of Geisha in a field directly below Black Rock Farm over-looking Kealakekua bay in Kona. 

2020 was the first commercial sized harvest. Beginning in July we began doing yeast fermentation trials on the cherries with a dozen different wine yeast strains and several processing methods. We found a couple that paired very nicely with the geisha variety, helping to accentuate its inherent tropical fruit aromas when paired with our Champagne natural processing method. From October - November 2022 the harvests of the geisha cherries were inoculated with the yeast strains we selected and allowed to ferment for several days before being dried mechanically in a dehumidifying dryer. 

The results are an extraordinarily complex cup that still maintains the mellow, soft and sweet cup profile Kona coffees are known for. 


Frequently Asked Question

What is so special about Kona coffee?

Kona coffee, originating from the Kona district on Hawaii's Big Island, is revered for its unique, refined taste profile. It typically exhibits a smooth, full body with low acidity and notes of sweet fruits and nuts. The exceptional climate and volcanic soil of the region contribute to the distinct flavor of Kona coffee, making it highly sought-after among coffee enthusiasts. Our Kona Geisha Champagne Natural encapsulates these qualities, offering a taste of Hawaiian luxury.

What is yeast fermented natural coffee?

Yeast fermented natural coffee is a technique in which yeast is introduced to the coffee during the fermentation process. This controlled fermentation can lead to greater consistency and distinct flavor profiles, often enhancing the coffee's complexity and depth. The process is akin to making wine or beer, hence the "Champagne" in our Kona Geisha Champagne Natural.

What is light roast coffee?

Light roast coffee refers to coffee beans that have been roasted for a shorter time, resulting in a lighter color and no oil on the surface of the beans. Light roasts are known for their vibrant, fruity, and acidic flavors, which allow the unique taste profiles of the coffee's origin to shine through. They offer a more nuanced, delicate flavor compared to darker roasts.

Coffee Beans Drying

Freshly Roasted to Order

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