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Colombia Finca El Paraíso -Geisha Sake

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Coffee Profile

Continent: South America

Country: Colombia

Farm: Finca El Paraíso

Process: Double Anaerobic Washed

Region: Cauca

Variety: Geisha T.2722/Gesha

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark

Tasting Notes

Complex aromas of Muscat grapes, Bergamot, Pear, Sake. An immensely floral cup. Soaring acidity and a juicy sweetness. An extremely lush and lingering mouthfeel. One of the most stunning coffees we have come across in the past year.    

96 Points by Coffee Review!

"Exuberantly aromatic, rich, very complex. Bergamot, Concord grape, ginger blossom, pistachio, lychee in aroma and cup. Juicy-bright, exceptionally high-toned acidity; lush, silky mouthfeel. Rich, pungent, crisply sweet finish." 

"A decadent, expressive, voluptuous double-anaerobic Colombia Geisha with a wide range of aromas and flavors, from spice-toned bergamot to super-sweet lychee."


Background Info

  El Paraíso is a farm at 1900m In Cauca, Colombia operated by Diego Bermudez. They grow several varieties on the farm -Bourbon, Castillo, Laurina, and Geisha. Diego also operates the INDESTEC mill processing coffees from neighbor farms as well as their own. Operating a mill that looks more like a laboratory than a coffee mill. Their fermentation methods are quite novel and employ inoculation from a collection of micro-organisms they have isolated from coffee and selected according to their sensory profiles in fermentation. These innovative methods have garnered their coffees many awards.

In 2018 El Paraiso's Bourbon washed entry to Cup of Excellence placed 10th. He has been producing some very interesting coffees of unique flavor profiles for the past few years with names like "Red Plum" and "Lychee" and a Geisha profile he named after his daughter "Letty" Last year we featured his Geisha Letty and Coffee Review scored it 97, Their highest score of the year!

This Year he has a new coffee: Geisha Sake

Compared to many of his coffees this one feels fairly understated. In any other context it is still an explosively aromatic cup. Compared to the Letty, Geisha Sake is more elegant, more balanced, more complex. The flavors of the variety show through more.


Geisha Sake starts with cherries that are harvested over-ripe. The idea being that this longer contact time of the fruit and the seeds allows more of the fruits flavors into the beans.

After sanitizing the cherries with ozone, the cherries then undergo two stages of fermentation. First the whole cherries are submerged under water for 48 hours. After that the coffee is pulped and fermented with a strain of Lactobacillus for 24 hours. After fermentation the beans are given a 'Thermal Shock' using Hot and Cold rinses to help the seeds absorb the fermentation metabolites and halt any further fermentation. Afterwards the parchment coffee is rapidly dried with an in-house designed Eco-Enigma dehumidifying dryer to avoid over oxidation of the coffee or continued fermentation

Internally they gave this batch the code J-77. A visit from a client who cupped the coffee and said the flavors reminded him of Sake. And so the name Geisha Sake was born.



Coffee Beans Drying

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