Tasting Notes 

An exotic, memorable fragrance of golden raisin, hazelnut and caramel. Saturated, sweet aromatics of orange blossom and honey, with notes of tropical fruit and kiwi. Autumn flavors of apricot, chardonnay & Honeycrisp apple. Round, silky body with a savory-sweet acidity. 

Background Info

The seven families who make up the Langbiang Cooperative start by harvesting coffee based on the sugar content of the coffee fruit, waiting until the cherries reach a brix level of 23+ (a measurement typically used in the wine industry to assess fruit ripeness based on sugar content). After harvesting, the cherries are piled onto a motor bike, carried down Langbiang Mountain, then fermented and washed in the village. The families then dry their coffees on raised screens in covered buildings.

Last June, we witnessed their process first hand and were exceedingly impressed by their level of attention -- especially since it’s their first year of specialty coffee production! And thanks to the transition, they’re receiving 4 times more money for their crop than they were just two years prior.

For the first time, Langbiang coffee is being handled in a way that shows the potential of Vietnamese arabica: bright acidity with flavors of tropical fruit and caramel.

Thank you to all the individuals of Langbiang village who contributed to making this coffee possible: Pat, Tam, BapSipha, MeSipha, Son, MeThin, Hathing, K'thom, BapXet, Mexet, MeSally, MeSara, Wyn, Pha, K'Tieu, Baptieu, Sila, Ane, Sue, Danni, Arun, Sipha, Libira, Gia Huy, Sara, Salyn, Sally, Linh Phuong, Jackson, Haxet, Haphang, Sabet.


Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world after Brazil, though the quality of the beans (generally strip-picked robustas) has limited their marketability.

Although arabica coffee trees (bourbon) were introduced near Hanoi in 1887, production in Vietnam has dwindled until recently, though the volume is still substantial: 1,000,000 bags/ year, more than countries like Kenya, El Salvador, Rwanda, Panama, and Papua New Guinea. These coffees are mostly blended with robusta coffee and destined to local cafes and neighboring China.

We hope you enjoy this first glimpse of Vietnam specialty coffee! Next January we’ll be returning to Dalat to continue working with this budding specialty coffee industry during their harvesting season.


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  • Continent: Asia
  • Country: Vietnam
  • Farm: Langbiang Cooperative
  • Process: Washed
  • Region: Dalat
  • Variety: Catimor, Bourbon, Typica

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark