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Tasting Notes

Peach and honey in the aroma, giving way to molasses, malt and grapefruit in the cup. A powerful big bodied, impressively structured coffee.


 Background Info

 Maragogype is a Mutant of the Typica variety that produces the largest beans of any Coffee variety. Parent of the better known Pacamara hybrid variety which inherits the Large size and excellent cup quality of Maragogype while also having excellent production. Maragogype is very uncommon in most countries now due to its low productivity.

There are only a handful of farms in Hawaii growing this variety, and most only with a few trees. Ours comes from a farm above 2000ft elevation in Kainaliu, Kona owned by Aloha Hills. more than 10 years ago they accidentally planted a couple of acres of this coffee thinking the seed they had was typically. the mistake wasn't realized until the trees matured. They showed the coffee to Miguel a decade ago and he was impressed by the quality and encouraged them to keep the field and harvest it separately rather than replant with Typica. Miguel has been helping them find a home for this special coffee in the years since then, but this is the first year he was able to get ahold of some of the cherry him self to process.

This lot came as a by product of their washed lot which was auctioned off. There is a machine called a re-passer just after the pulper. this collects most any cherries that weren't pulped and a few very large beans that were. everything that fell through the repasser was made into washed coffee. and everything that didn't was laid out to try on the patio as a combination of mostly whole cherries (natural process) and some pulped (honey process). After milling we hand sorted the green coffee to remove any defective beans.

A very special and limited coffee. We featured this coffee first to our Hawaii Island Tour Subscribers and we have 15lb remaining for others to enjoy. 





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  • Continent: Pacific
  • Country: USA
  • Farm: Aloha Hills
  • Process: Natural
  • Region: Kainaliu, Kona, Big Island of Hawaii
  • Variety: Maragogype

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark