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Thailand Doi Saket Typica Anaerobic Washed

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Coffee Profile

Continent: Asia

Country: Thailand

Farm: Jaisooksern Farm

Process: Anaerobic Washed

Region: Doi Saket, Chiang Mai

Variety: Typica

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark

Tasting Notes

An elegant cup. Classic and distinguished at the same time. Aromas of grapefruit and toasted almond and clove, give way to a brown sugar sweetness in the cup and a chocolatey finish.

Background Info

* Direct Trade.

From our exporter partners Beanspire:

"Doi Saket Typica Anaerobic is an experimental process in Thailand. Traditionally, we have focused on a washed process. The specialty movement has brought the knowledge of honey and natural processing during the last couple of years. This year we experimented with the Anaerobic method, which, means fermenting the coffee first  in sealed containers, This method maintains the brightness of a traditional washed coffee, but also brings out the sweetness and the body typically found in a natural processed coffee. We performed this experimentation with the farmers Nui and Oi Jaisookseern farm in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai.

The region is the oldest coffee growing area in Thailand, located in Chiang Mai province. Back in the late 1970's, the first Arabica trees that were part of the opiumreplacement program of the Thai King were tested here, and have never been replaced by higher-yield cultivars like in many other regions. As a result, heirloom varietals, particularly Typica, are still commonplace in many old farms. The coffee trees are 30-40 years old, older than the farmers! We want to demonstrate to the farmers that there are people who appreciate and are willing to pay more for the heirloom cultivar to compensate for the lower yield. Typica is now rare as farmers replaced it with higher yield and more rust resistant strands. The region grows coffee from 1000-1500 masl. But we only work with small holders whose farms are 1300+ and have almost all Typica."

This Limited Edition coffee is a special, Direct Trade collaboration with Beanspire Coffee in Thailand and coffee farmers Nui and Oi of Doi Saket. 

Coffee Beans Drying

Freshly Roasted to Order

Thailand Doi Saket Typica Anaerobic Washed will be roasted to order & shipped fresh. All shipping is USPS.

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