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Tasting Notes

Cherry orange zest and dried rose in the aroma. A bright cup with hints of grapefruit and cocoa in the finish.

This coffee was rated 94 by Coffee Review. Here is how they described:

"Blind assessment: Delicate, honey- and cocoa-toned. Pomegranate, cocoa nib, violet, pink grapefruit zest, cashew butter in aroma and cup. Sweet-toned structure with balanced, lively acidity; full, syrupy mouthfeel. Pleasing finish leads with pomegranate and cashew butter with undertones of cocoa nib."

Background Info

* Direct Trade Nano-lot

This offering is one that is special to us. from 2010-2013 our Green Buyer Miguel Meza spent a lot of time working with coffee growers all over Taiwan to improve quality. One of the farms he frequently visited was Zhou Zhu Yuan farm high in the mountains of Alishan, a region traditionally famous for Tea production. 

Last Month we featured the SL34 Washed from Zhou Zhu Yuan farm. That is not the only excellent variety growing at this farm at 1300m in Alishan. Several years ago farm owner Fang Cheng-lun along with other growers in Alishan began growing the Geisha variety. The Geisha variety expresses itself best in high altitude areas with cold nights. Alishan is right near the Tropic of Cancer, one of the furthest north coffee growing areas in the world. In the Winter the evening temperatures can occasionally touch freezing.

This coffee is processed by an interesting hybrid method of the natural and honey processes. The coffee begins as a natural process coffee, being dried as whole cherries. halfway through the drying process the coffee is pulped and drying is finished as a honey. This results in a coffee with some of the red fruit characteristics of a natural but also the more delicate attributes of a honey process coffee.

We are thrilled to be the first roaster in the USA to offer this special coffee.

When Miguel visited to Taipei Coffee Expo last year he tasted some of the Geisha and SL34  at the booth of Zhou-Zhu Yuan and was very impressed by the completeness and elegance of the cups and asked Fang to reserve some for Paradise from the next harvest. We don't have much of it be we are happy to be Roasting this coffee for the first time ever in the USA.


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  • Continent: Asia
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Farm: Zhou Zhu Yuan
  • Process: Honey
  • Region: Alishan
  • Variety: Geisha

Roast Scale

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