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Colombia Finca El Jardin - Geisha Honey **Next Roast Date: Wednesday, March 22

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Coffee Profile

Continent: South America

Country: Colombia

Farm: Finca El Jardin

Process: Honey

Region: Huila, Colombia

Variety: Geisha T.2722 /Gesha

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark

Roasting Wednesday March 22nd


Tasting Notes

Rose and cherry in the aroma. A sweet and lively cup with hints bergamot and lemon and floral after taste.

Background Info

Finca El Jardin is located in Planadas, Tolima, Colombia and run by Jorge Rojas. The farm sits at an elevation of approximately 1,850 meters and consists of approximately 3 hectares in coffee. Of those 3 hectares, approximately 4,000 are Caturra, 7,000 are Yellow Colombia, 1,000 are Pink Bourbon and 1,000 are Geisha.

This lot is 100% Honey processed Geisha. Only ripe cherries are harvested and upon arriving to the wet-mill, they are floated, de-pulped and then dried on raised beds between 20-30 days, depending on the weather. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is honey-process coffee?

Honey-process coffee is a technique where some of the coffee cherry's mucilage, often referred to as 'honey', is left on the bean during the drying process. This processing method imparts a sweet, complex flavor to the coffee, adding depth and a unique taste profile. Our Colombia Geisha utilizes this technique for an intriguing and satisfying brew.

What is so special about Colombian coffee?

Colombian coffee is cherished for its high-quality beans, consistently smooth taste, and well-balanced acidity. Grown in unique microclimates of the Colombian Andes, these beans often exhibit notes of caramel, nuts, and fruits. The exceptional flavor and quality of Colombian coffee, like our Colombia Geisha, make it a favorite among coffee lovers worldwide.

What is light roast coffee?

Light roast coffee refers to coffee beans that have been roasted for a shorter period, resulting in a lighter color and no oil on the surface of the beans. These roasts are known for their vibrant, fruity, and acidic flavors, which often allow the unique taste profiles of the coffee's origin to come to the fore. They offer a more nuanced, delicate flavor compared to darker roasts.

Coffee Beans Drying

Freshly Roasted to Order

Colombia Finca El Jardin - Geisha Honey **Next Roast Date: Wednesday, March 22 will be roasted to order & shipped fresh. All shipping is USPS.

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