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Tasting Notes

Aromas of rose, grape candy, strawberries lead to flavors of, jasmine, blackberries, raspberries, stone fruits, pinot noir in the cup. A very sweet and elegant cup that taste unlike any other Brazilian coffee we have tried before.

Background Info

* Direct Trade Nano-lot

Aramosa is a cross between Coffea Arabica and the small bean Coffea Racemosa species from South Africa. This crossbreeding was performed to inherit Racemosa’s low caffeine and drought resistance with Arabica’s flavor. Aramosa is a pre-cultivar: that means this genetics is still under study. Daterra has been researching Aramosa for many years with IAC, the Agronomic Institute of Campinas – Now they even have our own exclusive Aramosa selections!  Because the plant produces less caffeine, the beans always taste very sweet, floral, and without any bitterness.

Process: For this lot, is a honey process with a twist: first, they carefully remove only the cherry’s skin – the goal was to retain all of mucilage. After that, they ferment the pulped beans and their mucilage in an anaerobic environment before drying on raised screens with the mucilage still on the parchment (honey process)


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  • Continent: South America
  • Country: Brazil
  • Farm: Daterra Estate
  • Process: Anaerobic Honey
  • Region: Cerrado
  • Variety: Aramosa (Coffea Arabica x Coffea Racemosa)

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark