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Aged Taiwan Typica - Zou Zhou Yuan Farm

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Coffee Profile

Continent: Asia

Country: Taiwan

Farm: Zou Zhou Yuan Farm

Process: Yeast fermented washed, Aged 4 years

Region: Alishan

Variety: Typica

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark

Tasting Notes

A unique mix of fruit and spice. Pineapple and mango aromas persist from this coffees younger days and are joined with notes of cinnamon and sandalwood from the aging process. The mouthfeel is full and rounded and well supported by the coffees softened, but still vibrant acidity. 


Background Info

This offering is one that is special to us. from 2010-2013 our Green Buyer Miguel Meza spent a lot of time working with coffee growers all over Taiwan to improve quality. One of the farms he frequently visited was Zou Zhou Yuan farm high in the mountains of Alishan, a region traditionally famous for Tea production. Alishan is right near the Tropic of Cancer, one of the furthest north coffee growing areas in the world. In the Winter the evening temperatures can occasionally touch freezing. 

3 years ago Taiwan began having its first national cupping competition and auction with Cup of excellence. all 3 years Zou Zhou Yuan's coffees have been among the top 10.

In 2020 we asked farm owner Fang Cheng-lun to do a yeast fermentation washed trial for us using his Typica variety. This coffee showed beautifully with great acidity and had tropical fruit notes like pineapple and guava. Most of this coffee went to subscribers of our Rare coffees tour. We kept the small remainder of this coffee, a mere 4lb to see how it would hold up after a few years. In June, 2024 we decided to taste the coffee, and to our surprise it was holding up really well, and a very unique profile. One that marries the fruit notes of yeast fermentation washed coffees with the heavy mouthfeel and spice notes of aged coffees

This year Taiwan held its first ever Cupping competition and green coffee auction with Alliance for Coffee Excellence. We were among the judges of the this competition and were very impressed by the top coffees. 


Coffee Beans Drying

Freshly Roasted to Order

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