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Nicaragua Gesha Natural -Finca Las Delicias

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Coffee Profile

Continent: Central America

Country: Nicaragua

Farm: Finca Las Delicias

Process: Natural

Region: Matagalpa

Variety: Geisha T.2722/ Gesha

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark


Aromas of Lavender and Bergamot. A sweet cup with notes of cherry and orange.

Varietal Information

We obtained our Gesha seeds from the legendary Don Francisco Serracin (Don
Pachi Estate) in Panama. Don Francisco was the first producer to take Gesha seeds
from Costa Rica into Panama actually (although it didn’t become famous until the
mid-2000s with the Peterson family). Gesha is a very delicate tree to grow, it
requires a lot of shade and also wind breakers, but does require high altitudes to
produce excellent cup profiles. In our experience, it’s the variety that is most
susceptible to being knocked over by wind. This is the reason we always make sure
to plant it in an area with lots of shade trees (guava trees in the case of Las
Delicias) and wind breakers.
Natural Process
This Gesha was processed as a full natural. The natural process begins at the farm
by only selecting optimally blood red, ripe cherries. These are floated and then
carefully transported to the dry mill where they are then spread as a thin layer on
plastic tarps. These cherries are carefully moved within their assigned space
approximately three times a day. We always make sure we do not damage the
cherry while they are moved.
At Don Esteban (dry mill) we do not dry on concrete patios. On the ground we
place a thick layer of parchment which we then cover with a black colored
polymeric material net that allows air to pass between the ground and the coffee;
allowing a more even dry. This Gesha dried on the tarps for the first four days
under 100% sunlight, in order to prevent over fermentation or mold growth. After
this it was transferred onto the Africans beds where it dried with 75% shade for an
additional 31 days until it reaches a humidity range of 12% or below. Total drying
time for this lot was 35 days. Once dried, they are moved to our warehouse where
they will rest as dried cherries for a month to homogenize the humidity in the
beans. After the month, we will mill the dried cherries. The “oro” or green beans
will then rest/age for yet another month before we export it. This additional month
of resting will diminish the harsh notes that can be found in naturals and allow the
flavors to balance out. This slow drying process will also extend the shelf life of
the beans as the embryo will be kept alive for as long as possible.

Farm Information

Las Delicias was Eleane Mierisch’s personal 12 hectare farm, and although young (estsablished 2016) it already is producing amazing coffees (even obtaining 4th place in COE 2017 with a Javanica Washed). It is the farm with the highest altitude in our origin of Nicaragua (1260-1400m), and it is reflected in the coffees coming from here due to their delicate and pronounced acidity that balances out perfectly with the sweetness of the Nicaraguan terroir. Las Delicias is one of three farms we have in the region of Jinotega, alongside San Jose and La Escondida, and it overlooks the manmade lake of Apanas. The high altitude and proximity to water create lower average temperatures during the day and night which allows the cherries to mature more slowly. The varietals grown on this farm are: Java, Gesha, Yellow Pacamara, Yellow Pacas, and Red Bourbon. The Coffees here are grown under the shade of Mandarin and Guava trees. The farm employs 12 people full-time which sweels seasonly to 80 people during the harvest season.

Despite her recent passing, Eleane has left her farm in the care of her nephew,
Erwin III, and her business partner Geoconda Padilla, who will continue to
maintain Eleane’s values alive through her farm and coffee.



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