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Nicaragua Finca San Jose Javanica Cold Anaerobic

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Coffee Profile

Continent: Central America

Country: Nicaragua

Farm: Finca San Jose

Process: Cold Anaerobic Natural

Region: Jinotega

Variety: Javanica / Java/ Abyssinia

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark




White Grape, Red Apple, Honeysuckle. A sweet and delicate cup.


JavaNica is the name the Mierisch family gave to trees from seeds they received many years ago marked 'Java' Unsure their exact identity they called them JavaNica (Java + Nicaragua) This coffee proved to be excellent on their farms taking 2nd place in the 2008 Nicaragua Cup of excellence. Which was the first time we tasted this coffee.

Last year we sent seeds of this variety for genetic testing with RD2 and the results came back as a 100% match for the Java variety.

Java variety has a long history. It is one of the first documented Ethiopian Landraces collected and brought to other growing regions. In this case being brought back to Java island, Indonesia by PJS Cramer in 1928 and introduced under the name Abyssinia, as Ethiopia was then known. These plants quickly showed tolerance to the leaf rust disease which had ravaged Indonesian coffee farms. These plants spread to the island of Sumatra, where they can still be found in the Gayo region.

In the 1950's seeds of this variety were imported to the West African nation of Cameroon by the Vilmorin Company. They acquired the seeds from Java island and thus called the variety 'Java' 

In Africa they have a coffee berry disease, and the 'Java' variety proved resilient to that disease as well. After 20 years of selection the Java variety was released to farmers in Cameroon in 1980. in 1991 it was brought to Central America  by CIRAD, first to Costa Rica and then distributed to other neighboring countries such as Nicaragua.  It is now most commonly found growing in Nicaragua and Colombia, but has been widely distributed across the world as it is a disease tolerant plant that requires minimal inputs and has excellent cup quality. 



Finca San Jose is a 46 hectare farm in Jinotega at 1250-1400m elevation owned by the Mierisch Family. It sits next to their San Jose Farm. 

There are several varieties planted at this farm including: Javanica, Yellow  Pacamara, Gesha, Yellow Pacas, Red Catuai.  

This coffee was processed using a method Fincas Mierisch developed called cold Anaerobic Natural. Fincas Mierisch was one of the Pioneers in doing Anaerobic Fermentations with coffee. They have found best results doing 48-60 hour fermentations at cool temperatures. The cherries are put into sealed tanks which are put into a climate controlled room kept below 10C/50F. After the brief fermentation the cherries are dried on raised screens. This method allows the character of the variety to still show through clearly while adding a syrupy mouthfeel and sweet notes of fruit candy.

Coffee Beans Drying

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