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Ecuador Taza Dorada Robusta 4th Place

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Coffee Profile

Continent: South America

Country: Ecuador

Farm: Calixto Rivera Narvaez

Process: Honey

Region: Gonzalo Pizarro Province

Variety: Napopayomino

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark

Tasting notes

Caramel, tamarind, cacao, banana, Soft, tart acidity with a very creamy mouthfeel. 

Background Info

4th place winner of Ecuador’s 2022 Taza Dorada Robusta.

After over two decades of promoting Ecuador’s Taza Dorada Arabica - a competition akin to the Cup of Excellence - ANECAFE initiated Ecuador’s first specialty Taza Dorada Robusta competition in 2016.  We have been involved since this first event as judges and buyers of the winning coffees.

This year we purchased the 4th place lot, A honey processed Napopayomino variety from Calixto Rivera Narvaez in Gonzalo Pizarro province. We have featured his coffees before when he was the first place winner. 

This Honey processed coffee was produced from the locally developed Napopayomino variety. This variety produces larger beans than other varieties and has taken several of the top spots in the cupping competition every year. This coffee wonderfully shows the potential of attentive processing applied to this species. A full creamy mouth-feel and pleasant fruit and caramel like flavors with dried banana and spice in the aftertaste.

Brewing Recommendations

We recommend brewing this great coffee via espresso and/or french press. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a honey processed coffee?

Honey-processed coffee is a method of coffee processing where a certain amount of the coffee cherry's mucilage, also known as 'honey', is left on the bean during the drying process. This gives the coffee a sweet, complex flavor, adding depth to its taste profile. Our Ecuador Specialty Robusta utilizes this method for a unique, tantalizing brew.

What is the flavor of Ecuadorian coffee?

Ecuadorian coffee is renowned for its diverse flavor profile, thanks to the country's rich, varied terrain and climate. Typically, coffee from Ecuador tends to have a robust, full-bodied taste with subtle hints of dark chocolate and fruit. Our Ecuador Specialty Robusta, in particular, offers a rich, balanced flavor with a smooth finish that coffee connoisseurs will surely appreciate.


Coffee Beans Drying

Freshly Roasted to Order

Ecuador Taza Dorada Robusta 4th Place will be roasted to order & shipped fresh. All shipping is USPS.

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