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How A Coffee Subscription Can Broaden Your Horizons

How A Coffee Subscription Can Broaden Your Horizons

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a casual drinker, there’s no denying that a cup of coffee is a great way to get your day going. 

Caffeine shot to the nervous system aside, there’s a sense of comfort in your morning coffee routine to kickstart your day. You get your favorite beans from the cupboard, grind them to your liking, and set yourself up for your perfect first cup. 

But with time and repetition comes boredom — the coffee tastes the same day after day, and your taste buds are begging you for some variety. 

Your morning routine should be exciting, yet consistent; seamless, but never boring. If you are a coffee lover, this may be a sign that it’s time to treat yourself. 

So if your routine has grown dull and store-bought beans just aren’t cutting it anymore, keep reading to see how a coffee subscription can take your morning routine to new heights. 


The Convenience Of a Coffee Subscription

The world of coffee is a complex one to say the least. 

From classic and comforting espressos to exciting single-origins and balanced blends — there are so many different types of java to choose from that can enhance your everyday routines. And if you don’t live near a roaster or a specialty coffee shop, getting your hands on some fresh and high-quality beans can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This is where coffee subscriptions come in. 

If you are ready to evolve your relationship with your beloved coffee routine then perhaps a subscription is the next step to deepening an appreciation for different roasts. 

Coffee subscriptions are exactly what they sound like — a subscription service that delivers fresh coffee right to your front door. 

Many coffee companies that offer subscriptions curate a selection of their most popular roasts and best-seller blends, so you can conveniently and easily explore different coffee types from around the world — without having to worry about discovering them on your own. Bring new culture and experiences right to your doorstep.

All you have to do is browse the available options, choose the beans you want to try, set the delivery schedule according to your drinking habits, and wait for them to arrive! If you prefer a consistent type, order your favorite roast to show up when you want it. Or if you are ready to take a walk on the wild side, try out new roasts to expand your palate. 

 coffee subscription options

Want To Broaden Your Horizons? Try A Customizable Coffee Subscription

One of the great things about coffee subscriptions is that you can customize them to your unique drinking habits and preferences. You get to decide how much coffee you need, the frequency at which you need it, and, perhaps most importantly, the kind of coffee you get…


Find Comfort in Controlled Variety 

Coffee subscriptions are great for drinkers who have a preferred coffee type or brewing method, but want to add a little variety to their morning cup. 

Say you’re die-hard for a light roast, for example. You enjoy the vibrant, aromatic, and light flavor it brings to your cup. But now you want to treat your taste buds to something a little different. 

In that case, you can go for a coffee subscription that features a range of light roasts for you to try.

This way, you can add a little variety to your cup by switching up the specific light roast you’re drinking, all while sticking with what you know and love.


Expand Your Palate

On the other hand, if boredom is getting the best of you, a coffee subscription is a great way to put your taste buds to the test. 

From single-origins and espressos to exclusive Hawaiian flavors like Ka‘ū and Kona coffee, a coffee subscription gives you access to a range of new and unique roasts from all over the world. 

As an added bonus, you’ll also learn about new flavors and find out how different blends work with different brewing methods. 

So if you’re feeling adventurous and want to get out of your coffee comfort zone, the vast world of coffee is yours for the taking — or, rather, drinking. All without having to go through airport security or experience any jet lag! 


Getting Started With A Coffee Subscription

Regardless of your coffee-drinking preferences, you’ll enjoy the freedom and flexibility that a Paradise Roasters subscription has to offer. There’s five different options for the most discerning coffee drinker. 

So here’s how you can get started with one today:


Step 1: Choose Your Coffee Beans 

As many devout coffee drinkers will know, it all begins with the beans. 

Paradise Roasters gives coffee enthusiasts five subscription options to choose from: 

  • Hawaii island exclusives — specialty coffees that come straight from Hawaii; 
  • Single origins — coffees from a certain farm or geographic area that specializes in producing a particular type of bean;
  • Rare coffees — a selection of some of the world’s rarest roasts that you can’t get anywhere else;
  • Espressos — some of Paradise Roasters’ year-round favorites and seasonal single origins, designed for espresso enthusiasts; and 
  • Blends — coffees that are made up of a variety of beans, mixed and roasted to create a consistent cup profile.


Step 2: Choose Your Grind

Once you’ve decided on a subscription, it’s time to choose your grind — whole bean, auto drip, or French press. 

But if you opt for a whole bean, don’t forget to get a good grinder if you don’t have one already! 


Step 3: Set Your Delivery Schedule

With a Paradise Roasters coffee subscription, you can get your beans delivered to you in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly increments. 

That said, you’ll want to consider how long it will take you to get through a 4oz or 12oz bag of beans. From there, you can choose whichever schedule works for you and your needs. 


Step 4: Pick Your Payment Method

Last but not least, add your coffee to your online cart and head to checkout! 

Once you make your payment — either in full or in installments —  your coffee will be delivered automatically according to your schedule.

So you can set it and forget it — that is, until your next delivery arrives at your door! 


Closing Considerations 

Coffee subscriptions are a great way to try new coffees and expand your palate. They’re also a great way to tour different roasting regions and brewing methods, all without having to leave your home or office. 

As a Paradise Roasters subscriber, you pick from Hawaii Island exclusives, single-origins, espressos, rare specialty coffees, and bestseller blends. You pick your grind — whole bean, French press, or drip. From there, all you have to do is choose how often you want your coffee delivered, and kick back while you wait for the fresh beans to come to your door.

So if you’ve ever wanted to explore different types and flavors and see what the world of coffee has to offer, you can’t go wrong with Paradise Roasters. 

You’ll surely find your new favorite roast.




Paradise Roasters Offers The Most Exclusive & Rare Coffees

Our specialty coffees have been rated 93 - 97 points by Coffee Review on over one hundred occasions since 2002! 

We curate with an emphasis on distinction, seasonality, and emerging origins. As often as possible our coffees are purchased direct from the farmer and sustainably grown, and all Paradise coffees are roasted to order.

For a taste of paradise delivered to your door, start a coffee subscription today!


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