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5 Coffee Subscription Types for Your Morning Brew

5 Coffee Subscription Types for Your Morning Brew

Many people enjoy the ritual of waking up with a hot cup of coffee. And while some folks savor the taste and aroma that this drink creates, others believe it’s more than just a beverage — it’s an experience. 

Whether they are savoring the exquisite flavors provided by premium beans, or appreciating the experience of curling up on the couch with their laptop or a good book as the sun breaks over the horizon, every single person enjoys their morning cuppa Joe differently. 

A Paradise Roasters coffee subscription gives coffee lovers like yourself the consistency of their morning coffee experience, with an added flavor of excellence that just can’t be beat. 

So keep reading to browse Paradise Roasters’ most popular coffee tours, and see where a subscription will take you.

Hawaii Island Tour

Hawaiian coffee is as unique as the island itself. 

From the volcanic slopes of the Ka‘ū growing region, to the hilly landscapes of the Kona coffee belt — the diverse climates and rich soils across the island generate cup profiles that are unique to each area. 

Hawaii is home for Paradise Roasters — and Miguel Meza, founder of the company, has cultivated a processing method that pulls these various profiles together, generating a coffee selection that represents the best that Hawaii has to offer. 

You shouldn’t have to leave your home to get a taste of paradise. If you subscribe to Paradise Roasters’ Hawaii Island Tour, you can experience the exclusive flavors of Hawaiian coffee, wherever you are in the world. Paradise Roasters produces all of the Hawaii Island tour roasts right from the cherry stage to create these exclusive lots. 

While this is the priciest of the tours, coming in at $29, you get your money’s worth in rich flavor and unparalleled quality that you won’t find anywhere else. The Hawaii Island tour is only available by subscription or in-person at the Hilo, Hawaii retail location. 

If you’re a coffee lover who wants a subscription that brings the best of Hawaiian coffee right to your front door, then the Hawaii Island Tour is the right choice for you.

Single Origins Tour

Single origin coffees come from one particular farm or geographic region that specializes in producing a specific type of bean. 

For Paradise Roasters, trade relationships form the foundation of their regional selection. The company maintains close connections with other global coffee producers, sourcing fresh-roasted coffees from exceptional farmers around the world. 

Variety is the spice of life — and Paradise Roasters’ Single Origins Tour gives you access to a seasonal mosaic of coffee experiences. You can explore the different beans, regional roasting styles, and worldly flavors all from the comfort of your own home. 

From Colombian sweet caramel coffees to fragrant and flavorful Vietnamese arabica roasts, this subscription offers a range of roasts that adventurous coffee drinkers won’t want to miss out on.

Rare Coffees Tour

Similar to the Single-Origins Tour, this subscription offers a variety of coffees from specific regions around the globe. What sets this tour apart, however, is its selection of rare roasts. 

The coffees in this tour are some of the hardest to come by.  This subscription includes exclusive selections from storied origins like St. Helena, Jamaica, and Reunion Island, as well as rare varieties such as Geisha, Yellow Pacamara, and Pink Bourbon. 

Regardless of your palate preferences, this subscription is a great option for java enthusiasts who want to experience various origins or varieties that you simply can’t find on the shelf. 

Most coffees available in this subscription are only available to a few select roasters globally, making these roasts the rarests of the rare. As an example, if Paradise receives only 10 lbs of a select roast, it will all go to the Rare Coffee Tours subscribers. 

If you want a chance to try some of the rarest and most exclusive coffees from around the world, then this is a tour your taste buds will love.

Espresso Tour 

Espresso is a concentrated form of coffee. It is richer than regular-brewed coffee, thicker in texture, and comes with a layer of delicious crema that gives it a full and fresh flavor. It is this combination of qualities that makes espresso-based drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, and macchiatos so well-loved.

Paradise Roasters created a coffee tour with espresso enthusiasts in mind. This subscription offers year-round favorites and seasonal single origins, designed to satisfy a variety of palates. 

From simple and chic Italian-style Espresso Classico to rich and dark-roasted Espresso Nuevos, the specially-crafted coffees in this selection deliver nothing short of excellence in every cup.

Whether you’re a budding home barista or a faithful latte drinker, the Paradise Roasters Espresso Tour will exceed all expectations.

Balanced Blends Tour

Blends are made up of coffee beans originating from more than one place. Crafting a balanced blend is an art form; one that requires precision and careful selection of the best attributes that each coffee has to offer.

Paradise Roasters has mastered this process. Miguel has cultivated his own unique method of mixing different beans together, a process that creates a consistent and delectable flavor profile delivered across all of the coffees Paradise Roasters puts forward. 

Whether it’s fruit forward and chocolatey or aromatic and earthy flavors, this tour packages up the tried and true formulas and bestseller blends available from Paradise Roasters — and delivers them right to your door. 

If you enjoy a variety of flavors and want a subscription that captures your tastebuds’ attention, the Balanced Blends Tour will have you looking forward to every delivery.

Try Out Coffee from Hawaii and other Unique Locations Today! 

When it comes to top-tier Hawaii Island coffee, there’s only one name you need to know: 

Paradise Roasters. 

From single-origins to rare coffee beans and delicious blends, there is no shortage of opportunities to discover new flavor profiles and varieties. 

With a Paradise Roasters coffee subscription, devout coffee drinkers like yourself will experience the best of the brews — all from the comfort of your own couch. 

If you’re interested in exploring the world of premium coffee and rich, robust flavors, then you can’t go wrong with Paradise Roasters coffee subscription. 

Just choose your tour, sit back, and enjoy the taste of excellence in every cup, every morning.



Our specialty coffees have been rated 93 - 97 points by Coffee Review on over one hundred occasions since 2002!  We curate with an emphasis on distinction, seasonality, and emerging origins. 

We curate with an emphasis on distinction, seasonality, and emerging origins. As often as possible our coffees are purchased direct from the farmer and sustainably grown, and all Paradise coffees are roasted to order.



For a taste of paradise delivered to your door, start a coffee subscription today!

Coffee Review gave our Kona Bourbon Champagne Natural brew a 95% review!

Todd has nothing but praise for our coffee subscription:

“This is easily the best coffee you can buy! The selections are distinctive and delicious. Love reading the tasting notes!”


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