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Colombia Pink Bourbon - Finca El Chaferote

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Coffee Profile

Continent: South America

Country: Colombia

Farm: Finca El Chafarote

Process: Fully Washed

Region: Huila, Colombia

Variety: Colombian Pink Bourbon

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark



Tasting Notes

Delicate and complex aroma that suggests ginger blossoms, jasmine, mandarin orange and Honey. The cup showcases a vibrant acidity with a sugar cane like sweetness and hints of pink Grapefruit. Its silky texture finishes with notes of milk chocolate.   

Background Info

Every year we look forward tasting the Pink Bourbon* variety coffees from Colombia. This variety which was discovered at a farm in Huila several years ago and found to have exceptional cup quality has now been planted at several farms in the area and consistently produces some of the most striking coffees we have tasted from Colombia. Still confined mostly within the Huila, Region of Colombia it is quite a bit rarer than varieties such as Geisha and Pacamara.

In 2021 exporter Coffee Quest and their partners held a cupping competition for the growers of Huila. 5th Place was a Pink bourbon washed coffee from Erick Fernando Bravo Urbano's Finca El Chaferote. Grown at 1600m in the San Agustin municipality of Huila, his Competition winning Pink bourbon elegantly shows off why we love this variety. In 2019 the farm also had entered their Pink Bourbon coffee into the Colombia Cup of Excellence Competition where they took 3rd place. Truly an amazing coffee.


*While called pink bourbon this variety is not related to the bourbon family of varieties found in other countries, Which is why we are specifying this variety as 'Colombian Pink Bourbon'. Coffee farmers have a tendency to call any trees they find with pink/orange fruit 'Pink Bourbon' as this is the only cultivated variety well known that has this color. However any time red and yellow fruited varieties are in the same field together it is possible for them to cross and some of the offspring will be of intermediate color. Which is most likely the source of this variety. Genetic testing of the plants does not show it to be closely related to Bourbon but near to some Ethiopian coffees!


Coffee Beans Drying

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Colombia Pink Bourbon - Finca El Chaferote will be roasted to order & shipped fresh. All shipping is USPS.

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