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Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Yeast Fermentation Washed

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Coffee Profile

Continent: Pacific

Country: USA

Farm: Second Alarm Farm, Jim Chestnut and Edna Arakawa

Process: Yeast Fermentation Washed

Region: Puna, Big Island of Hawaii

Variety: Typica, caturra

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark

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Roasting Wednesdays

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Tasting Notes

Red currant, plumeria, peach and tropical fruit; Red wine, almond, and frankincense, with a hint of floral grapefruit. An aromatic and powerful cup reminiscent of Kenyan coffee. 

96 Points rated by Coffee Review

"Blind Assessment: Aromatically tropical, deeply floral, mysteriously complex. Plumeria, amber, passion fruit, Concord grape, dark chocolate in aroma and cup. Deep-toned, sweetly savory structure with winy acidity; decadently plush mouthfeel. The finish goes on and on.

The Bottom Line : A shockingly coherent, wildly various experience of coffee, a delightful roller coaster that hits all the sensory notes."

Background Info

1st place in the Hawaii Coffee Association annual statewide Cupping Competition, Hawai'i District, 2016.

Top coffee from Coffee Review's December 2016 tasting review. 

Background Info

This farm was 1st place in the Hawaii Coffee Association annual statewide Cupping Competition, Hawai'i District, 2016.

Washed version of this coffee was the top coffee from Coffee Review's December 2016 tasting review. 

Grown just outside Volcano Village, roughly 100 miles from Kona in the Puna district, the landscape and weather is vastly different from what most Hawaiian coffee lovers are familiar with in Kona. Volcano Village, atop Kilauea volcano, is roughly 3000 feet above sea level -- twice the altitude of most Kona farms -- surrounded by native 'ohi'a trees, endemic birds, and generally overcast, cool weather. Finding coffee grown this high up Kilauea volcano is unusual and mostly considered experimental, which is one reason we were excited to meet Jim Chestnut and taste his Kilauea volcano-grown coffee. 

Jim and Edna's farm is just a few miles up the mountain from Paradise's Hawaii roasting facility in Hilo. Their lot consists of just a few dozen Typica and Caturra coffee trees, in addition to teas and tropical fruits. Annual production is tiny. Usually only around 50lb of coffee each year. The coffees from this farm have been 1st place in the Hawaii District 2016, 2017, and 2018, and placed 3rd in the state cupping competition in 2016.

We have been purchasing the entire production of the washed coffee from this farm since 2016. This year we began working with the coffee at the cherry stage and processing ourselves using our 'Champagne natural' method and Yeast Fermentation washed method. This batch was fermented with yeast strains selected to increase the acidity and complexity of the coffee

Most of this years production has gone to members of our Hawaii Island Tour Subscription. We have 5lb left over available of the Yeast Fermentation washed process to offer for 1 roast day only.

Freshly Roasted to Order

Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Yeast Fermentation Washed will be roasted to order & shipped fresh. All shipping is USPS.

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