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Specialty Robusta Tour - Subscription

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Coffee Profile

Process: Washed, Honey, Natural, Anaerobics

Variety: Coffea Canephora

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark

Introducing the world's first specialty Robusta coffee subscription.

For two decades, Paradise Roasters and its partners have worked tirelessly to elevate the underrated perception of the Robusta species in the specialty coffee market.

This Robusta subscription is the culmination of those efforts.

Already containing less acid, less sugar, and 2x more caffeine than its arabica counterpart, the Robusta coffee bean possesses the natural attributes of a desirable cup of coffee.

Only the means of production (machines and mass manufacturing) have prevented Robusta from becoming a widely sought-after alternative to arabica.

But, when the Robusta bean is approached with respect, cultivated by hand, and roasted with great care, the bold, deep mouthfeel is quite unlike anything else in the world.

Yours to enjoy today, on a schedule of your choosing, only in Paradise.


Roast Type: Light to Medium

Each month we will feature a different coffee from our network of producers across the globe: Ecuador, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, India and more!

Our first feature coffee for July 2023 comes from our friend, the Queen of Robusta: Denise Bustamante of Hacienda Legrand. An special experimental lot she made for us using our Lactic Natural process we developed for Arabicas in Hawai‘i.

Brief History of Robusta Coffee:

Coffea Canephora, often called Robusta Coffee, is the 2nd most commonly grown coffee species after arabica. Though currently constituting about 40% of global production, Robusta coffee has largely been used in instant coffee and low cost blends, with some exceptions. For example, Robusta coffee has a long history as a key component of many traditional espresso blends in Italy. Our own Espresso Classico, modeled on Northern-Italian style espresso blends, includes Robusta.

These coffees are roasted with espresso preparation in mind, but many will also work well for french press or pour-over applications.

Tips for brewing with Robusta:

Robusta is less dense than arabica coffees and behaves a lot differently in brewing. A finer grind is generally required. We have some tips from Barista and Brewers cup champion friends in Ecuador for how to get the best out of single origin robustas.

Pour Over by Johann Buenano 2019 Ecuador Brewers Cup Champion

  • Use 15g of ground coffee to 200mL hot water (201-203F)
  • Pre-wet the grinds with 30ml water.
  • After 30 seconds pour the remaining 170g of water all at once.
  • Target brew time of 1:30-1:45

Espresso Recipe from 2016 Ecuador Barista Champion Mario Idrovo

  • Use 20g+ (if your basket will allow) with 194-196F Water.
  • 1:2 Brewing ratio. 20g coffee =40g brewed espresso
  • 23 second extraction time.

Robusta produces a lot of crema so the volume can be very deceptive. It will look like it is pouring too fast, but the crema will settle out after brewing.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a robusta coffee?

Robusta coffee is a type of coffee made from the beans of the Coffea canephora plant. It is known for its strong, robust flavor and higher caffeine content than Arabica. Our Specialty Robusta Tour brings you select Robusta coffee from around the world.

What is the flavor profile of Robusta coffee?

Robusta coffee boasts a bold, full-bodied flavor with a distinctive earthy taste. It typically exhibits notes of chocolate and nuts. Through our subscription, you'll get to explore the diverse flavors of specialty Robusta coffee.

Where is Robusta coffee primarily grown?

Robusta coffee is primarily grown in Africa, Vietnam, and parts of South America. Our Specialty Robusta Tour subscription sources beans from the finest Robusta-growing regions, providing a global coffee experience.

Is Robusta coffee considered lower quality than Arabica?

While Robusta was once considered lower quality than Arabica, this is not always the case. We source high-quality Robusta beans that are carefully selected and roasted to showcase the unique flavors and characteristics of this variety.

What's the difference between Robusta and Arabica coffee?

The main differences between Robusta and Arabica coffee are in taste, caffeine content, and growing conditions. Robusta has a bolder taste, higher caffeine content, and grows well at lower altitudes, while Arabica has a milder flavor, lower caffeine, and requires higher altitudes.

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