Includes 2 lb green, unroasted coffee.

Tasting Notes 

The aroma of pineapple, Chardonnay, and roasted nuts. Bright, sweet flavors are followed with a juicy body. A mosaic of tangerine, raspberry and cinnamon completes this profile.  

Background Info

It's been called "Africa's best kept secret" thanks to high quality standards, sophisticated farming, reliable cultivars, and classic East African characteristics, like bright fruit, sparkling acidity, sweet aftertastes, and good balance. And because Zambian coffees tend to be clean and consistent - thanks to a large and centralized milling station - these coffees make excellent single origins.

Landlocked between eight bordering African countries, transportation challenges have long held Zambian coffee growers back from having their coffees exported. Our Zambia Isanya comes from a well-organized company which has invested significant resources into getting this coffee into the right roasters' hands, from roads and bridges to schools and clinics.

We're proud to introduce you to this young coffee country. No matter how you drink it, you won't soon forget this complex and outstanding new origin.



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  • Continent: Africa
  • Country: Zambia
  • Farm: Kateshi and Isanya Estates
  • Process: Washed
  • Region: Northern Province
  • Variety: Bourbon & Catimor

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark