Tasting Notes

Delicate and powerfully floral. Perfume of jasmine, orchid, oolong, bamboo, and vanilla.

Brewing Notes

Use 1-2 grams per 6-8 oz hot water (205-212 F). Steep for 5 minutes.

Background Info

**Direct Trade
Coffee blossom tea is made from the harvested flowers of the coffee trees, shortly after pollination has occurred and before the flowers have dropped. Because Arabica coffee trees are self pollinating, we needn't wait for cross-pollination through bees or wind for fertilization to occur.

Harvesters carefully collect the flowers, which are then dried, cured, and toasted. The window to harvest is a short 2-4 days per blooming cycle, whereas the coffee harvest can last 3-5 months, depending on the region.

These blossoms were harvested for us in April by Seri 'Ata' Meecheku from his farm in Doi Pangkhon near the city of Chiang Rai.

Besides tea, coffee blossoms can be made into syrups, jellies, spritzers, cocktails and more. Our customers have used them for steeping in beers, wines, and even kombucha. Have fun with these and send us photos of what you do!

Coffee Blossom Simple Syrup

1 cup water
1 cup sugar
3-4 Tbsp coffee flowers

1.Bring ingredients to a boil in saucepan, stirring so that the sugar dissolves.

2.Reduce heat and continue stirring until all the sugar has dissolved.

3.Remove from heat and let steep for 30 minutes. Let cool and then strain through cheesecloth into a jar or bottle with a tight fitting lid.

4.Refrigerate until ready to use. It will keep for a month in the fridge.

Once you've made this coffee blossom simple syrup, try adding it to Prosecco, your morning latte, or ice cream.

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  • Continent: Asia
  • Country: Thailand
  • Farm: Ata Coffee
  • Process: Sun-dried
  • Region: Doi Pangkhon, Chiang Rai Province
  • Variety: Coffee Blossoms

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark