Includes: 2 lb Thailand green coffee

Tasting Notes 

Fragrant and flavorful undertones of cherry cordial, roasted cashew and butterscotch with a velvety, milk chocolate body.  An oak and faint sandalwood aftertaste completes this single origin espresso.

Background Info

2016 Best Robusta: Kra Buri District Washed Robusta. (Specialty Coffee Association of Thailand, SCA-TH)

Make espresso at home? We’re thrilled to share this - the best robusta in Thailand - with you, our espresso enthusiasts. Our staff has fallen in love with it, and we’re sure you will too!

Up until recently robusta coffees have had a bad reputation with specialty buyers, who view them as a cheap, commodity grade bean good for little more than instant coffee. And we know why: strip-picking and careless processing is encouraged to keep costs low for the primary buyers, the instant coffee and discount coffee brands. Unsurprisingly, robusta coffee farmers typically earn half or less that of arabica growers.

But in the Kra Buri district, not far from the pristine beaches in Southern Thailand, a cooperative of farmers are breaking the cycle by applying a specialty approach to robusta: ripe harvesting, meticulous sorting, and experimenting with washed processing - a process not typically associated with robusta coffee. Their aim is to prove their Thai robustas can be every bit as good as arabica.

This year, in the first ever robusta competition from the Specialty Coffee Association of Thailand, the “Best Robusta” came from a small farmer within the Kra Buri community: a man we know as "Mr. Don."

Mr. Don, the Kra Buri community, and us here at Paradise Roasters are thrilled to share this award-winning robusta with you! And Mr. Don... well, he's pleased to receive nearly 3x the price he would have earned selling to instant coffee factories.

Paradise Coffee Roasters has been a champion of robusta coffee producers since 2004. And to that effect, Paradise co-founder Miguel has been supporting and collaborating with robusta growers in India, Ecuador, and Thailand. We believe that if the industry is serious about sustainability and truly cares about coffee producers, we cannot afford to ignore nearly half of the coffee farmers in the world. To us, specialty coffee is not a species, variety, or location. It is a process.


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  • Continent: Pacific
  • Country: Thailand
  • Farm: Mr. Don
  • Process: Washed
  • Region: Kra Buri District, Ranong Province
  • Variety: Coffea canephora (Robusta)

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark