Tasting Notes

A heavy-bodied, spicy cup that maintains some lively, fruit-like characteristics with added notes of cinnamon, sandalwood, butter, tobacco and dark chocolate. Pairs well with heavy amounts of dairy, as well as black.

Background Info

Carefully aged for 4 years, this lot was prepared from a high altitude, wet-hulled coffee grown in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Truly excellent aged coffees are a rare treat, requiring year-round stable storage conditions. While some things get old, others become vintage and acquire a patina of sorts, adding character that can only come from the journey. The best aged Sumatra coffees wear their history with pride: they become heavy, deep, and resonant, with added mouthfeel and viscosity. Cedar, tobacco, chocolate, and butter notes add complexity to an already intriguing profile.

Much like a 50 year old vintage cognac, this has a faint hint of age which adds to its charm. Aged Indonesia coffees aren't like anything but themselves, and we love them for that. 


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  • Continent: Central America
  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Farm: Los Papales
  • Process: Washed
  • Region: Jinotega
  • Variety: Ethiopia Land Race -Java

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark