Tasting Notes

Bergamot, jasmine, white pepper in the aroma, the classic Geisha variety bouquet. Silky mouth feel with a honey-like sweetness. The citrus and floral notes fade to cocoa in the finish.

Background Info

Geisha coffees from auctions often sell for $100+/lb. As the variety has become more widely grown recently, we have been able to come across a few examples like this one from Santa Felisa that display the impressive aromatics and tea-like clarity of this variety and still remain an excellent value.


Santa Felisa is a 4th generation farm in the Acatenango valley in Guatemala. Started in 1904 by Mr. Trinidad E. Cruz, the farm is now operated by the brother and sister team of Anabella and Antonio Meneses. 

The 16.92 hectare farm sits at an average altitude of 1550m and receives 43-59" of rainfall/year. The farm grows coffee under shade and avoids using synthetic fertilizers and herbicides. composted coffee pulp from processing is used to make fertilizer 

In 2008 the farm began planting the Geisha variety with seed coming from Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE) in Costa Rica.

This coffee was processed using their Double washed, or Double Soak method. First the cherries are fermented Anaerobically for 18 hours. After that the cherries are pulped and fermented without water or 42 hours. After fermentation is complete the coffee is soaked under water for 12 hours before being put on concrete patios for drying. 


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  • Continent: Central America
  • Country: Guatemala
  • Farm: Santa Felisa
  • Process: Double Washed
  • Region: Acatenango, Guatemala
  • Variety: Geisha

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark