Tasting Notes

Coffee blossom and jasmine aroma; buoyant citrus, fuji apple and ripe guava supported by a brown sugar sweetness. A powerful and elegant coffee.

Background Info

Top 5 coffee in Ecuador's 2016 Taza Dorada Arabica.

Last October Ruben Guagala’s carefully tended La Playa Castillo earned 4th place in Ecuador’s national cupping competition, Taza Dorada Arabica 2016, or “Golden Cup.” The coveted placement among hundreds of entries is a result of several years experimenting, refining, and a farmer working alongside an importer, Caravela. 

Over several years, Guagala made improvements to his entire coffee process, including extending the fermentation of his Castillo variety to develop more sweetness and complexity in the cup, and reconfiguring his drying beds to promote a slow, long drying process.

The results speak for themselves. His attention, refinement, and tireless efforts to make each year’s harvest better than the last transformed his coffees from ordinary to elegant. La Playa Castillo is an excellent example what’s possible when growers and industry stakeholders work together to push the boundaries of quality.

We suggest pairing this excellent Ecuador Taza Dorada Arabica Top 5 coffee with our Taza Dorada Robusta Grand Champion.

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  • Continent: South America
  • Country: Ecuador
  • Farm: Ruben Guagala
  • Process: Washed, (fermented 24-36 hours, then dried on raised screens).
  • Region: -
  • Variety: Castillo

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark