Includes 2lbs of green, unroasted coffee.

Tasting Notes

Grape candy, lily,  blossoms and honey. A vibrant, elegant cup that gently fades to brown sugar, dark chocolate and pink grapefruit.

Background Info

Rodrigo first developed the curiosity to experiment with his coffees when he discovered Purple Caturra -- a unique mutation found in only .13% ( ! ) of his trees resulting in purple rather than green young leaves and a distinctly different cup profile. Through isolating and grafting the 26 trees he identified on his 20,000 tree farm, Rodrigo was able to breed an entire lot of this variety on his second experimental farm, Finca El Progreso. He even developed and refined a processing method to optimize the cup quality of this distinctive variety. #smartfarmer

It's farmers like Rodrigo who greatly excite us, as they push our world of specialty coffee to new limits, identifying specific varieties, and experimenting with the use of current technologies to define the processing techniques these coffees deserve.



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  • Continent: Asia
  • Country: Sumatra
  • Farm: Various
  • Process: wet-hulled, aged 36 months
  • Region: Lintong, Dolok Sanggul
  • Variety: Jember, Ateng

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark