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Aged Sulawesi Mamasa Valley

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Coffee Profile

Continent: Asia

Country: Indonesia

Farm: Mamasa Valley smallholders

Process: Wet-hulled, Aged 5 years

Region: Mamasa Valley, Sulawesi

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark

This coffee started life as a Grade 1 wet hulled coffee harvested in 2019. Cultivated in the Mamasa valley in the western province of Sulawesi.  This coffee has been aged for 5 years. It was the Dutch government that introduced the process of aging coffee from the East Indies for 2-3 years and the “brownish” beans came to be associated by consumers with high quality and a “mellow” cup. Later, this coffee would assume the moniker “Old Government Java.” Aged coffee became so popular that when disease decreased supply from Java and Sumatra to the point that producers could ill-afford to sit on coffee, they began to “sweat” coffee during its 4-5-month voyage, much of it through the tropics, as an alternative to aging. The coffee would be sealed in the hold of cargo ships to sweat during the voyage, arriving brown. The darker brown the coffee, the higher the price paid. In fact, if a captain managed to deliver “extra brown” coffee, they were paid a bonus..

The aging process produces a unique cup profile. Acidity mellows out, the mouthfeel is massive and unique spicy and woody notes are added that can be reminiscent of cinnamon, Sandalwood, cedar, Mesquite. Many of the qualities people enjoy in darker roasted coffees can be found in much lighter roasts from aged coffees.

Coffee Beans Drying

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