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Jamaica Blue Mountain Variety Sampler

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Coffee Profile

Continent: Carribean

Country: Jamaica

Farm: Coffea Diversa

Process: Washed

Region: Blue Mountains

Variety: Geisha/Gesha, Dilla Alghe, Mokka Medium

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark

Roasting Wednesday, November 3rd. 4oz each coffee

*Please note all items in your cart will roast and ship together. Any items ordered along with this coffee will roast and ship Tuesday Sept 29th.

Background Info

Gonzalo Hernandez likes to brag that he’s amassed the world’s largest private collection of coffees trees: more than two hundred species, botanical varieties, mutations and cultivars that grow on his exotic Costa Rican “coffee garden”, Coffea Diversa. His collection includes some of the rarest in the world -- coffees many have neither heard of nor tasted.

Of each variety Gonzalo has only a few trees, and his coffees are sold in small 10 kilogram bags to knowledgeable roasters and friends around the world, first come, first serve. We first visited Coffea Diversa and met Gonzalo 11 years ago, and we’ve been looking forward to sharing these ever since.

A few years ago he started in Jamaica's Blue Mountains in partnership with the Sharp Family of Clifton Mount Estate, growing a selection of his best cupping varieties from the Costa Rica farm. This farm is finally starting to produce and Paradise is one of the first roasters in the world to have an opportunity to share these coffees. For this Sampler we have selected 3 varieties to compare.

Geisha/Gesha is a variety collected in Southwest Ethiopia in the 1930's. Then Brought to Central America in the 1950's. Since winning the Best of Panama in 2004 it has risen to be the most acclaimed coffee variety and the best examples break auction price records year after year.  Read more about the early history of this variety here

Tasting notes: Lavender, Cocoa, Lime

Dilla Alghe is a variety collected by Major A.R. Melville from Southern Ethiopia and brought back to his home in Kenya in 1942 after returning from his service in Ethiopia during World War II as part of the British East African forces.  He would later go on to be director of Agriculture in Kenya.

Tasting Notes: Honey, Flowers, Tangerine

Mokka Medium is a mutation of the dwarf Mokka variety discovered on Coffea Diversa farm that produces larger seeds than most Mokka Plants. This year they had their first 10kg harvest of this variety in Jamaica and we are honored to offer it exclusively at Paradise

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Cashew, Apple

Coffee Beans Drying

Freshly Roasted to Order

Jamaica Blue Mountain Variety Sampler will be roasted to order & shipped fresh. All shipping is USPS.

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