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Jamaica Blue Mountain -Clifton Mount Natural

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Coffee Profile

Continent: Caribbean

Country: Jamaica

Farm: Clifton Mount

Process: Natural

Region: St. Andrew's Parish, Jamaica

Variety: Typica

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark

 Roasting Wednesdays


Tasting Notes

A lively cup with a refreshing tartness reminiscent of green apples and a caramel like sweetness. Notes of toasted marshmallow while the coffee is hot fade to whispers of strawberries as the cup cools

Background Info

 Clifton Mount is one of the oldest and highest elevation coffee farms in Jamaica. Located on the Eastern slope of Catherine's Peak at 1300m, Coffee Production started here in the 1790's. Currently operated by the Sharp Brothers, Richard and Jason who began revitalizing the property in the 1980's, They consistently produce some of the best Jamaican coffees, and the only Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee in Jamaica. 

They also operate the a partner farm at 1000m with Gonzalo Hernandez of Coffea Diversa. The rare Bourbon Rey variety we featured in the past was from this farm which received 93 points on Coffee Review. Their highest score ever for a Jamaican Coffee. 

This coffee is from the Classic Typica variety which comprises almost all Blue Mountain coffee production. 

Jamaican coffees are a reflection of a different time, when great coffee was defined by first of all being clean and approachable vs poor quality coffee that was and still is often bitter with distracting unpleasant flavors. 

But times are changing. For many years it was not possible to export Natural process coffees from Jamaica due to them them not meeting the stringent bean color requirements set by the Jamaica Coffee Board. That finally all changed a few years ago, and the very first natural processed coffees were exported in 2019. Last year, 2022, was the first year any Naturals were shipped to North America. We are thrilled to have gotten our hands on one of these Barrels.

Coffee Beans Drying

Freshly Roasted to Order

Jamaica Blue Mountain -Clifton Mount Natural will be roasted to order & shipped fresh. All shipping is USPS.

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