Includes 2 lbs green, unroasted coffee.

HAWAII CUSTOMERS: We cannot ship this coffee to Hawaii. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Tasting Notes 

Roasted pineapple, tobacco, wet leaves, cedar, and malt. A cup for adventurous palates who prefer peaty, smoky scotches from Islay over sweet, smooth bourbons. Big body, bright acidity, intense aromatics. A powerhouse in every way. 

Background Info

Danau Toba in central Sumatra is the largest volcanic lake on earth. It's in the scenic highlands around this lake that the majority of Sumatran arabica coffee is grown. Some of the most famous coffee growing names such as Mandehling and Lintong come from this area.

Most coffees from this Sumatra are wet-hulled, process that, when executed well, results in the heavier mouthfeel and the range of earthy, woody, and spicy aromas Sumatran coffees are known and loved for. And when poorly done - as many Sumatran coffees are - it can leave the coffee tasting flat, musty and rancid.  We carefully cup through the best Sumatran coffee lots from high elevation areas around Danau Toba to put together this offering for you to enjoy.



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  • Continent: Asia
  • Country: Sumatra
  • Farm: Nicaragua Small Farm
  • Process: Wet-hulled
  • Region: Lintong, Dolok Sanggul
  • Variety: Jember & Ateng

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark