Size: 6 oz

Tasting Notes

Aromas of ripe mango, earl grey, and candied grapefruit lead into flavors of dark chocolate, berries, and limoncello. Full, balanced, and creamy mouthfeel.  

Background Info

* Direct Trade Nano-lot

In the Philippines they call it Kalasan no mori, which translates to "Kalasan of the Forest". It's a totally unidentified variety of unknown origin, and for as long as locals can remember it’s been farmed on the forested mountain slopes by an Indigenous group called Talaandig Kalatunganon (translating to 'People of the slope'). 

This variety does not seem to exist anywhere outside of Mindanao within the Philippines and doesn't correspond to anything we know being grown in other countries.

It’s an incredibly sweet and floral coffee, processed in small batches by a friend of Paradise Roasters, Zee of @ephemeratraders. As with many of Paradise's unique, direct trade offerings, production of the Kalasan trees is tiny - less than 200kg per year. 

Processing Details 

As the name suggests, the indigenous farmers grow this mysterious coffee along the steep slopes of Mt. Kalatungan, between 5000-6200 ft.

The cherries are usually delivered to the mill around 2pm, then hand sorted and tested for sugar content using a Brix meter. 

The cherries are sorted by 4-5 pm that evening, then soaked in cold water overnight.

The team then does a dry fermentation for 24 hours on the coffee. After rinsing they do a wet fermentation for 24 hours, then rinse again.

Coffees are dried on raised screens in a covered building for approximately 30+ days.

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  • Continent: Asia
  • Country: Philippines
  • Farm: Ephemera Traders
  • Process: Washed Process
  • Region: Bukidnon, Mindanao
  • Variety: Kalasan No Mori

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark