Tasting Notes

Cane sugar, white grapes, fresh herbs, buttered toast and toffee. A Sumatran coffee with an Ethiopian heart.

Processed in the traditional Sumatra way, this Ethiopia cultivar still wafts of it's roots: bright citrus, sweet grapes and tea. Deeper notes of fresh herbs and spices are derived from the wet-hulling process called giling basah which is common in Sumatra.


Background Info

In 1928, coffee researcher PJS Cramer travelled from Java to Abyssinia (today known as Ethiopia), and returned with new varieties of coffee seeds to plant. One such variety proved both exquisite and resilient to the debilitating leaf rust disease: Abyssinia. The variety was later planted in Gayo, in North Sumatra, and it can still be found on some farms there today.

This particular coffee comes from the farm of Blang Glee (4200 ft) where it was harvested separately and meticulously processed in the local wet-hulled style.

Abyssinia been exported to other countries around the world as the 'Java’ variety since the 1980s. It represents a rare win-win for producers and consumers: disease tolerant with good yields + sweet, balanced, complex and exotic in the cup.

If you fall in love with this variety, we'll have more examples from other regions in the near future, including a limited lot from Pink Valley, Thailand.



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  • Continent: Asia
  • Country: Sumatra
  • Farm: Blang Glee
  • Process: wet-hulled
  • Region: Gayo, Sumatra
  • Variety: Abyssinia

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark