Tasting Notes 

Cherry Cordial, Caramel, Dried Roses; Nut Butter & Jam. The first ever specialty natural process coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Refreshing hot or iced. 

Background Info

Being farmers ourselves, we're very picky when it comes to natural process coffees. We look for those which are intensely fruity, yet clean and focused, and bright and complex over muddled or short. This Congo is perfect - having jumped out at us at a cupping of 30 top Africa lots, as one of the best in the room.

Turns out that it's the first ever specialty natural process coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the results of an experiment gone very right! 

While farmers from Democratic Republic of Congo have been producing coffee for a long time, only recently have they been able to produce specialty coffees like their neighbors in Rwanda, thanks in part to the work of the Virunga Coffee Company. In 2011 VCC was established with the objective of improving quality and yields for 6000 small growers, through training, infrastructure developments, and certifications. They have since built 5 washing stations, trained "lead farmers" and agronomists, published books on washed coffee production, and have certified as organic 2100 local famers.

This Congo natural was an experiment and departure from their preference towards washed coffees, and to our knowledge is now the first and only specialty natural to be produced from Congo. 


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  • Continent: Africa
  • Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Farm: Kahondo and Katanga Washing Stations
  • Process: Natural
  • Region: Kivu
  • Variety: Bourbon

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark