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An opportunity to experience the variety of Hawaii Island

Kona Classic - Black Rock Farms 

Black Rock Farm is a new 10 acre farm overlooking Kealakekua Bay at 1200-1400ft elevation we help to manage. at Black Rock farms in Kona, a recently planted 10 acre coffee farm overlooking Kealakekua bay we help manage. 

This coffee was awarded a score of 94 points by Coffee Review:

"Deep-toned, chocolaty and rich. Dark chocolate, strawberry guava, hazelnut butter, sandalwood, ginger blossom in aroma and cup. Sweet-toned structure with round, engaging acidity; full, syrupy mouthfeel. Crisply sweet, long finish with notes of dark chocolate, hazelnut and sandalwood."

"A superb example of the classic Kona cup: exceptionally sweet, deeply nut-toned, and vivified by spice-toned floral and fruit notes."

Puna Arakawa Estate - Yeast Fermentation

Arakawa estate is a new small farm in Kurtistown, Hawaii of 170 trees of red caturra and typica variety trees planted on a 1 acre lot at 700ft elevation. This farm is owned by Edna Arakawa and Jim Chestnut, producers of our Hawaii Kilauea Volcano coffee. Edna and Jim harvest the coffee themselves Twice a week. Fermented with wine yeasts we provided at their Volcano farm. and then dried on racks back down at the Kurtistown farm.

Tasting notes: Tropical fruit, Flowers, Caramel



Ka'u Red Caturra Champagne Natural 

Harvested from farms at 1500-1700ft in the Ka'u district of Hawaii Island this red Caturra lot we processed using our Champagne Natural method. Whole cherries are fermented with wine yeasts underwater which bubbles during fermentation. Even the fruit of the cherries have a sparkling, effervescent quality and a crisp acidity like a sparkling wine. This is due to the Yeasts producing CO2 as a by product during fermentation. From this experience we decided to name this process 'Champagne Natural'. 

Tasting Notes: Pink Guava, Grape, Almond


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  • Continent: Pacific
  • Country: USA
  • Farm: Black Rock Farm, Arakawa Estate
  • Process: Washed, Yeast Fermentation, Champagne Natural
  • Region: Kona, Ka'u, Puna
  • Variety: Typica, Red Caturra

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