Tasting Notes 

Bursting with fruity flavors: Strawberry, lychee, orange.  The fruit fades to milk chocolate in the finish.

Background Info

Natural process coffees are not something we see often offered from Guatemala. So we were quite surprised when tasting this one how exceptional it was. This coffee was processed at Finca El Retiro. Likely a lot of the quality can be attributed to the attentive processing. First dried for 6 days on Patios then for 12 hours in a mechanical drier. The cherry was sourced from 28 growers in the lesser known regions of Santa Rosa, Jalapa and Jutiapa. Grown at altitudes of 1800 - 2000m 



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  • Continent: Central America
  • Country: Guatemala
  • Farm: Various
  • Process: Natural
  • Region: Santa Rosa, Jalapa, Jutiapa
  • Variety: Mixed

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark