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Ethiopia Guji - Wush Wush

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Coffee Profile

Continent: Africa

Country: Ethiopia

Farm: Ana Sora Washing Station

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Region: Ana Sora, Guji

Variety: Wush Wush

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark

Tasting Notes 

Intensely Aromatic and complex. Lychee, Hibiscus and Bergamot in the aroma. Dried pineapple and berries in the cup with buoyant acidity and viscous mouthfeel.


Farm / Mill: Various / Ana Sora Washing Station

Variety: Wush Wush

Processing: Anaerobic Natural

Roast: Light


Background Info

Ethiopian Coffees are prized for their aroma and flavor. often displaying a range of citrus, floral, and stone fruit attributes uncommon in other regions. extreme elevations and varieties grown no where else contribute to these profiles. Most farms a planted with a mix of local varieties. Finding a single variety Ethiopian coffee was nearly impossible until recently.

Wush Wush is a variety selected from Southwest Ethiopia in Jimma. Here the producer has fermented the cherries in sealed bags for 110 hours before drying them on raised screens for 10-14 days. This 'anaerobic' fermentation of cherries tends to intensify the acidity and mouthfeel of coffees as well as floral and fruit aromas. When applied to already aromatic coffees from Ethiopia the results are next level! one of the most intensely aromatic coffees we have come across in a long time. 

Ana sora washing station is owned by Isreal Degefa, it is one of the highest elevations in Guji. Mr. Isreal owns more than 35 washing stations in the country. 

The washing station has the highest standards of sustainable quality and excellent touch coffee production. The area covered by organic coffee and starts production under a forest belt, which is protected by the government and social protector. With farmers surrounding the farm had a plan for outgrowing schemes with the objective of eco-friendly production and socially responsible by assisting them to ensure quality production and good financial status.

The cherries come from farms at 1900-2100m where temperatures range from 14C (57F) -23C (73F) where rainfall is an ideal 1400mm (55 inches) -1800mm (70 inches) per year

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