Tasting Notes

Lime zest, Ginger, Brown Sugar, and Pineapple. A very fruited and complex cup.

94 Points on Coffee review!

"Richly sweet-savory, floral-toned. Grape candy, narcissus, cocoa nib, tangerine zest, cedar in aroma and cup. Savory leaning structure with bright, juicy acidity; round, creamy mouthfeel.The finish centers around notes of grape candy and cocoa nib."

Background Info

In 2019 we began working with Bruhwer coffee in Ecuador. They have farms and mills in both the Zamora Chinchipe region and Quilanga regions.

In June Miguel went down to their mill in Chito, Zamora Chinchipe to teach them wine yeast fermentation methods. The very first of such coffees in Ecuador.

After teaching the staff our Champagne natural process in Chito they went and made a batch for us from typica at their 2000m altitude farm in Quilanga. 


This coffee is the third and final of 3 Yeast fermented offerings we will be featuring this winter/spring from Bruhwer coffee. 

This coffee utilized a white wine yeast strain in the fermentation step of producing washed coffee resulting in a more focused acidity and a more complex distinctive flavor.


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  • Continent: South America
  • Country: Ecuador
  • Farm: Bruhwer Farm
  • Process: Yeast Fermented Washed
  • Region: Quilanga
  • Variety: Typica

Roast Scale

Light Medium Dark